Is wine good for cold and cough?

If you’re feeling under the weather, sometimes reaching for a glass of wine might help you feel better. But is it actually good to consume wine when having cold and cough? This article will delve into the science behind it all.

The benefits of wine on your immune system

First things first – let’s get down to the basics. It turns out that drinking moderate amounts of red wine can have some positive effects on our immune systems. In fact, research has shown that antioxidants found in red grapes are able to stimulate white blood cell activity in humans, which helps fight off infections, viruses and diseases.

Understanding what exactly moderation means

But before we start getting ahead of ourselves with an excuse to drink bottle after bottle (we know how tempting it can be), let’s define what moderate consumption looks like- for women , this equates to no more than one standard 5 oz glass per day while for men its two – seems fair enough right?

What about White Wines?

Now if you’re not into reds or feeling fancy with whites wines don’t worry! Even though Red wines contain more flavonoids which benefit immunity , many whites also contain quercetin which is another beneficial nutrient known for offering anti-inflammatory properties that support the body’s defense mechanism against viral infection .

A newsflash from Polyphenols

For those who love nerdy details- behind these fla‌vo‌noid chemicals lay polyphenols.. And just as an FYI – polyphenols themselves haven’t been discovered NOT inside a world-class botanist’s lab rather they come from plants such as fruits, tea and yes even boozy actants i.e. Grape skins!!! These compounds can reduce inflammation & prevent cellular damage by upping antioxidant levels ➡️keeping Immunity Supporters healthy & strong!

How wine can affect colds and coughs

Now let’s dive into the real question at hand – is drinking wine good for when you already have a cold or cough? To be honest it may actually depend on the type of what’s causing your symptoms.

The Good News

Here’s something to celebrate – Studies suggest that red wines not only contribute positively toward building immunity against infections but also help control inflammation- which if you are afflicted with congestion, a sore throat or running nose then this benefit might come in super handy YES?

The Bad news

But before we pop those bottles open in celebration, there are some downfalls we hate giving bad news! For starters, consuming evenmoderate amounts of any kind of alcohol can lead to dehydration (which worsens flu-like symptoms), risk drunkenness thus leading towards potential accidents while adding more stressors on organs like liver.
Another thing to consider is that during illness our body undergoes treatment with drugs commonly featuring acetaminophen & other medicines which raise alert signs when mixed up with alcohol.thus making interactions hazardous .
Finally, though wine drinkers may not suffer as much compared to beer-lovers when experiencing pneumonia ,if ‘you’ had flu recently please avoid sipping vino since it can damage respiratory system increasing malady’s development!

When and how to consume Wine

If these studies made you interested enough — here are some tips on how and when one should take sip:

Drink Red Wines At Night .

A nightcap generally does everyone wonders after exerting ourselves throughout day hence Drinking red wine just shortly after dinner could help you relax – while still delivering all those immune benefits.. #doublewin

Choose lighter-bodied/low-tannin Wines for Every Day Use.

The average bottle contains around 5 standard-size drinks from which choosing light wines heavy tannins such as Pinot Noir so why burden yourself over a complicated potential hangover?

Pair Wine with Healthy Food Choices

Alongside consuming wine (remember moderation is key) let’s promote healthy lifestyle choices-try having soup, sweet potato casserole, chicken or even some other protein source as the perfect balance.

The Final Say!

There are pros and cons to drinking wine when sick. While there are some benefits to having a glass every now and then, it’s ultimately important to stay hydrated and take any necessary medications!

So go ahead – pop open that bottle but don’t forget to drink responsibly 😉