Is voltaren gel toxic to dogs?

If you’re a fur parent, it’s natural to worry about anything that could potentially harm your pet. Among the list of things, topical products like Voltaren gel can also be a source of concern for many dog owners. After all, dogs tend to get into things they shouldn’t and lick or ingest substances that are not safe for them.

So naturally, you might ask yourself “Is Voltaren Gel toxic to my furry friend?” To put it succinctly – Yes, Voltaren gel is toxic to dogs and other pets who consume it. But let’s explore this in more detail.

What exactly is Voltaren Gel?

Before we dive into whether or not Volatren gel is harmful, let’s understand what type of medication these topicals provide us humans with.

Voltaren gel belongs to the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which block certain enzymes in our bodies that cause pain and inflammation. These sorts of medications are commonly used by people suffering from ailments such as arthritis, joint pains sprains etc., making their lives comfortable by reducing pains rapidly and effectively.

How does voltaren interact with Dogs?

While NSAIDs such as aspirin have been safely administered in small doses with appropriate veterinary guidance; however the active ingredient diclofenac present in Voltaregel has been known dissastrous effects on animals like guinea pigs,cats,dogs,horses even india vultures where exposure has led deaths due liver failure resulting uncontrollable metabolic disorder .

Long story cut short (not every animal may face death/serious conditions but still no reliable research exists) there isn’t much info available on oral administration side-effects specifically when taken by pets for human bodily problems alleviation.Some common symptoms observed includes:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Kidney and Liver Issues

It’s important to note that even when you apply Voltaren Gel topically on your skin, there are chances of your dog ingesting it by accident through licking or rubbing against the area where this gel has been applied.

So what should I do if my dog accidentally consumes Voltaren?

In case your pet has consumed the Voltaren-gel or tablet orally, immediately rush him/her to a nearby veterinary clinic.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for pet owners to inform their vets of all medications administered; specifically including those intended for human consumption.But more importantly never take giving medication administration into own hands without proper consultation with Animal Doctor as our furry friends are prone high risks due variant biological factors in comparison humans

The bottom line- It is essential for fur-parents to always supervise pets – especially during home remedies including use of medication,supplements,total vigilance will be worth avoiding costly mistakes endangering innocent lives.

If Would Also like To Compare the similarities between common side effects caused by voltren gel in both humans and Dogs Here’s a Chart You might find interesting
| Side Effects | Humans | Dogs |
|Vomiting |x| x|
|Diarrhea |x| x|
|Abdominal Pain |x||
|Rash/Hives |x||
|Mental/Mood Changes |x||

In Conclusion..

Voltaren gel or other NSAIDs may help us, but they can cause serious harm if consumed by ignorant four-legged-friends who have different kinds of liver enzymes compared to humans.Besides let’s not forget dogs licks everything starting from doors,pets,floors,muddy areas so minimum outdoor exposure remains best way now.Dogs are family members which we need around more than anything.So rather neglecting the timely veterinary consultation and research before administering novel medications for pets can lead to catastrophic results making them suffer,lose their happiness/fullness of life.

Always Stay informed,Dog-loving parents!