Is vitamin e?

Are you pondering what I’m pondering? No, Brain. It’s not about taking over the world, which is something we could do later on. Right now, it’s all about vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that comes in eight different forms: alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol and!! more! These forms are fat-soluble and can be found in plant-based oils like sunflower oil or nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts. Some of them can also be sourced from fortified cereals and supplements.

So if you’re wondering if Vitamin E is worth taking – read on!

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin e has various benefits to humans; below are some:

Boosts Your Immune System

According to studies conducted by Penn State University’s Hershey Medical Center published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 4-8 weeks inclusion of vitamin E supplementations in your diet leads to a strong resistance against illness with additional cell-mediated immune function

This study highlights how essential vitamins play an integral role in our immune system functioning optimally.

Helps Prevent Chronic Diseases

If building a wall around yourself doesn’t prevent chronic diseases (Trust me it doesn’t), then maybe adding micro-nutrients would actually help (Who knew?!)

Vitamin E acts as an antitoxin that lowers oxidative stress commonly related to chronic diseases – cardiovascular disease (craaaaaazzzzy right?), age-related macular degeneration (uh yea definitely) & certain types of cancer(no bloody way!)

Reduces Skin Inflammation

Have you ever suffered from severe sunburn inflammation? Don’t worry because here for us always sits our best friend Vitamin-E(cue standing ovation). It helps soothe irritations caused by eczema, acne flareups & severe sunburn.

Promotes Hair Growth

Biotin is not the be-all and end-all for hair growth. There’s a new sheriff in town! Vitamin E oil can promote scalp health therefore stimulating blood flow which leads to healthy locks (And lets face it who doesn’t want great looking hair?)

How Much Vitamin E Do You Need?

The amount of vitamin E required depends on age and sex group.Vitamin e deficiency actually isn’t that uncommon either.

Below are the recommended daily allowances;

Age 0-6 : 7mg/day

Age 9-13: 11 Mg/day

Adult Male & Females: 15 mg / day

Now we are talking about maintaining long term health, so as always our advice would be to consult with a Dietician or doctor regarding proper vitamin intake suited specifically towards you!

Lower Excess Inflammation With Vit E-rich Foods

Eating too many sugary processed foods creates excessive inflammation throughout your body from head to toe! Call me crazy but I don’t think this metropolis city themed inflammation pan over all is worth the shot :/

Inflammation has been linked up with arthritis dementia and even heart disease – Thats why its important that regular consumption of diet rich in micro-nutrients such as vitamins A,C,D,K plus specifically B-complex vitamins will keep your cells healthy (and maybe help Tom Brady play for another decade?).

Here’s an amazing list of plant-based ingredients with high-vitamin-e contents.

Food Mg Per Oz
Almonds 7.5
Mixed Nuts 4.6
Hazelnuts 4.3
Wheat Germ 5.5
Sunflower Seeds 7.4

Are There Any Vitamin E Risks?

Maybe you’re thinking “OMG! that’s a lot of benefits! Sign me up, Doc!”. Hold on now there’s something you should know before diving head down into everything.

There are risks associated with excess vitamin e consumption such as;

Stomach Cramps
Too much vitamin E can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps – I mean unless this is what floats your boat (no judging)

High Blood Pressure
Since Vitamin-E acts as an anticoagulant it leads to less risk of blood clots, which sounds great until you realize higher than recommended doses may result in High BP.

Increase Risk Of Hemorrhage
Our chances of bleeding out aren’t just linked to zombie apocalypse scenarios but high dosage amounts make this pretty real-world!

now that we’ve covered potential vitamin-e downsides let’s dive into sources :

Two types:

  • Natural source: This includes nuts,oils & vegetables

  • Supplements : Are widely available online or even over the counter sold mostly labelled alpha-tocopherol(Just remember moderation still!)

Closing Thoughts On Dose-Dependent Vitamins!

Some big questions remain….“Is Vitamin-E Effective?” “What amount encompasses proper nutrition?”.

Studies say at least ‘13mg’ per day for both sexes could help fulfill health necessities while keeping us radiant inside; although be aware too much causes more harm than good…

In conclusion:

If your diet comprises cereals and plant oils fortified with vitamins plus some nut mixes here and there along with supplements when needed – you are sure to have fulfilled the required 15 mg/day vitamin e dose.

So keep eating healthy, love your naughty habits but within reasonable limits :), manage inflammation and let this potent antioxidant do its magic on keeping cells young – so you can carry on bidding for world domination!

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