Is vitamin d and vitamin d3 the same thing?

Are you one of those people who always gets confused when it comes to vitamins? Do you scratch your head trying to understand if vitamin D and vitamin D3 are the same thing? Well, fear not my friend! In this article, we will dive into the magical world of vitamins and help you navigate through all the confusion.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for our bodies that helps absorb calcium, which in turn keeps our bones healthy. This amazing vitamin can be found in foods such as oily fish, egg yolks, and cheese.

Types of Vitamin D

Now before we move on to checking whether there’s any distinction between vitamin d and d3; let us first touch upon some variants of this beneficial chemical:

D1: Also known as Calceferol; usually produced by plants or fungus.

Fun fact: “Calci” from Calcium + Ferra (Latinate for iron) = Calce–ferra-ol!

D2: Its scientific name is Ergocalciferol – Typically obtained from cow milk, fortified cereals/portobello mushrooms/powdery substances mixed with appropriate amounts.

What About Vitamin D3?

Okay okay! Now without further ado let’s come down to everybody’s most favourite part – VITAMIN-D 3 . Time to answer our initial question once-and-for-all. Let’s get started:

So…Is Vitamin-D And Vitamin-D 3 The Same Thing?

The short answer here would be no – they are not entirely interchangeable chemicals.

One big difference between these two types of vitamins has everything about their origins:

  • Less expensive source
  • Produced efficiently by animals
  • Regulates circadian rhythms/sleep-wake cycle in mammals

Isn’t ‘efficiency’ a beautiful word? It just rolls off your tongue with ease.

Another variant of Vitamin D used in the process is “D2”; also known as Ergocalciferol which are synthesized from plant sources like mushrooms or yeast.

Now, vitamin d3 is a specific form that has been generated by and for animals to be absorbed efficiently, especially since they’re able to produce this type at a more affordable cost than using the above-mentioned plant products.

On top of that; it also assists immune system functions – an additional incentive!

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin D And Vitamin D3 ?

Whether you opt for organic substances or supplemental pills when it comes to meeting daily intake goals, there’s no denying the benefits offered by these vitamins once incorporated into our systems.

Scientists have discovered several positive effects on human health/lifespan through proactively keeping up all necessary vitamin-intake thresholds:

1) It helps enhance bone strength/maintenance
2) It aids bodily absorption/distribution of Calcium/Phosphorus.
3) Promotes cognitive function
4) Muscle growth and repair
5) Consideration ideal during pregnancy/nursing stage

How Much Do We Need?

According to doctors’ recommendations: aim for 600–800 IUs (adopted from International Units). However, people classified under ‘high risk’ groups may require higher amounts per resting phase.

These communities include but not limited to:
☞ Elderly population past 70 years old;
Caucasian complexion living far away from tropical regions;
Dark-skinned inhabitants residing closer towards northern latitudes(latitudinal angle), asthmatic children.

Could You Experience An Overdose?

More isn’t necessarily better when we’re discussing nutrients — it’s all about optimal levels. Far too often we hear warnings against consuming high concentrations/volumes/content of supplements – what’s their reasoning? In this particular case overdosing on either one of aforementioned vitamins could actually be detrimental to your health.

Long-term unnecessary buildup leads to a condition called hypervitaminosis D where one reaches toxic limits. When the concentration compound in our blood exceeds safe upper limit; common symptoms may occur such as:
♨ Nausea
♨ Vomiting
♨ Weakness

It’s Never Too Late To Start!

It’s always better late than never if you’ve not been keeping track of recommended intake volumes much-needed in nourishing both body and mind.\

After all, we want everybody – including you—to lead optimal lives and scratch anything cause for discomfort, right?

So make sure you get that Vitamin D (the natural way); or branded supplements used with caution but stay just-aware enough, don’t shoot over the recommended mark keep resuming yourselves until next second wind/je-ne sais quoi!

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