Is vanilla extract healthy?

Vanilla extract, a staple flavoring in many baked goods and desserts, has been sought after for its enticing aroma and taste. But the real question is whether vanilla extract is healthy or not. In this article, we will explore different aspects of vanilla extract to determine if it’s really worth using in your favorite recipes.

What Exactly Is Vanilla Extract And How Is It Made?

Before diving into the pros and cons of vanilla extract when it comes to health benefits, let’s take a look at what it actually is.

  • To make pure vanilla extract; you use alcohol solution (usually vodka), adding beans into bottles which are then stored until ready to use

There are two types of vanilla extracts: Pure and imitation.

  • The pure version uses actual vanilla beans steeped in an alcohol base
  • Imitation versions may contain artificial additives designed to mimic natural flavors

While some people argue that the imitation variety can be just as good flavors as authentic ones, purists often insist that only pure extracts have superior quality where taste development is concerned.

## Calories Do Count When It Comes To Vanilla Extract

The first thing most people consider when asking about food being “healthy” entails counting calories

When looking through nutritional tables on supplements sold with organic plants solely from farms without pesticides nor added preservatives they contain 37% water loss indicating insufficient dosage

Recognize how much sugar, salt & ethanol must also contribute towards one’s calorie intake per serving on cooking projects requiring usage of liquid forms like extracting secrets hidden within ordinary herbs such as sage leaves

Potential Health Benefits Of Vanilla Extract

A lot goes into making top-tier products – the same holds true for premium-quality ingredients used during baking sessions which should offer more than mere flavourings

In recent times manufacturers actively integrate plenty medicinal properties inside these precious bottle gems by including antioxidants plus other beneficial compounds naturally present within specific crops. While the current insight may show limited science behind this theory, scientific proof around benefits incurred through specific ingredients is quite observable without skeptical observations

The potential health benefits that come from using vanilla extract in moderate quantities include —

  1. Reduce Anxiety: it has been found effective amongst various applications when combating anxiety
  2. Good For Heart Health: vanilla extract contains phenol elements which aids cardiovascular functions such as circulation and blood pressure reduction
  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties: studies have indicated that one of components present within vanillin aids reducing inflammation during inflammatory diseases
  4. Improve Skin Healing Due To Antioxidants- There are generated ideas within few circles suggesting compounds contained with virgin extracts helps mitigate skin inflammations while enhancing permeability against UV-A damages
  5. Nutrient Rich – Pure Vanilla Extract provides Vitamin B Complex

With these enticing promises rooting out of many baking procedures its not something to sneeze at rather raise eyebrows because likely everything good for you would not taste better

The Downsides Of Vanilla Extract And Side Effects

Though the pluses mentioned above sound appealing about pure vanilla extracts, let’s look into several side effects a user could experience

  • Contact dermatitis – allergic reactions on skin due to exposure to certain chemicals like eugenol or benzyl alcohol
  • Liver Damage – Excessive consumption causes liver cell damage given ethanol composition mixed with sugar quantity intake

Clearly budgeting how much an individual consumes whilst using culinary herbs regardless if organic will indicate possible risks out there promoting ill-health tendencies and besides “too much” surely applies everywhere including here.

Are You Really Sure That It’s Healthy Enough?

In conclusion, any time an ingredient is reviewed in terms of being ‘healthy’ too often aspects concerning yourself matters less; given such products should be consumed moderately under professional advice even when advertised naturally harmful-free alone!

So there is no definitive yes/no answer to whether vanilla extract can be considered a healthy ingredient or not. It’s all dependent on how and in what quantities it is used. Personally, I’d suggest using it to bake amazing cakes

By: Sophie Williams