Is tuna high in vitamin k?

The highest amount of vitamin k from the 1 cooked items is in Fish, tuna, yellowfin, fresh, cooked, dry heat where the amount is 0.1 ug per 100g. Comparing raw and cooked tuna shows that cooking can change the levels of vitamin k by 0 ug in a 100g serving.

What foods have high levels of vitamin K? 1 High Vitamin K Foods (more than 100 mcg). 2 Food Serving mcg Food Serving mcg. 3 Broccoli 1/2 cup 110 Greens, turnip, frozen 1/2 cup 425. 4 Brussels sprouts 1/2 cup 150 Kale, fresh or frozen 1/2 cup 550. 5 Endive, raw 1 cup 116 Kale, raw 1/2 cup 274. 6 (more items)

How does vitamin K affect Coumadin levels in the body? Warfarin (Coumadin) is a blood thinner that helps prevent clots from forming in the blood vessels and the heart. Foods high in vitamin K can affect the way Coumadin works in your body. The more vitamin K rich foods you eat, the lower the levels of Coumadin in your body.

Is it OK to drink green tea before taking vitamin K? Green and black tea leaves do contain vitamin K before they are steeped in water, but a small serving of the hot tea itself does not. Check with your doctor before you take any supplements or herbal products. Some of these may contain vitamin K.

What should the daily value of vitamin K be? Inadequate intake may cause bleeding, weaken your bones and potentially increase your risk of developing heart disease ( 1, 2 ). For this reason, you should make sure to get all the vitamin K your body requires. A daily value (DV) of 120 mcg should prevent insufficiency in most people.

What food has the highest vitamin K?

What food has the highest vitamin K? By far, the major source of Vitamin K is green, leafy, vegetables – kale, collards, spinach, and turnip greens are the highest. Vitamin K aids blood clotting, protects the heart, and helps to build bones. Those who need to increase their Vitamin K intake can select foods from this high Vitamin K food summary list.

What fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin K? Foods high in vitamin K include leafy green vegetables (cooked and raw), broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, pickled cucumber, asparagus, kiwifruit, okra, green beans, and salad greens like lettuce. The current daily value for Vitamin K is 120 micrograms (μg).

What drinks are high in vitamin K? Where the amount of vitamin k ranges from 1.5 ug to 0 ug per 100g. The top drinks high in biotin is Shake, fast food, chocolate with the highest vitamin k content, which in 100g contains 1.5 ug of vitamin k.

What fruits have no vitamin K? Apples with peel attached, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, peaches, pears, cranberries and raspberries fall in this category. Citrus fruits, including oranges and pineapples, as well as bananas contain almost no vitamin K.