Is total body workout good?

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, there are numerous workout routines available. From yoga to weightlifting, the options are endless. But when you want a complete and thorough workout that targets every single muscle in your body, perhaps the best option is total body workout.

So what exactly is total body workout? How does it benefit our bodies? And most importantly, can we have fun while engaging in these workouts?

In this article, we’ll dive deep into everything related to total body workouts – from its benefits to some uncommon exercises that you can do at home! Let’s get started!

What is Total Body Workout?

A total body work out implies bringing all the muscles of the human anatomy (or at least almost all) into play during an exercise routine. Unlike other targeted group specific exercises e.g., leg workouts or chest day which focus on isolated areas of our bodies; full-body workouts engage more muscle groups for overall strength build-up.

Benefits of Total-Body Workouts

Total body-workouts offer an array (pun intended) of health benefits ranging from physical improvements like improved flexibility to enhanced mental states such as better mood and stress recovery rates.

Increases metabolism

“Wait a minute, what’s metabolism?” Metabolism refers to how efficiently your system burns calories even while resting. In simple terms: A person with a faster metabolic rate will burn fat quicker than someone who has a slower metabolic rate. So by increasing your metabolic rate through strength training(full-body), your systems’ caloric burning process ramps up too!

Targets multiple muscles

Working out specific parts/exercises builds one section/big-scary-muscle-group slowly but steadily over time. However exercising unusually /infrequent muscle fibers not usually worked/some entirely left untouched will help avoid facing “platteaus.” Except maybe Plateau De Beille (am sorry I had to :/). A full-body workout allows you to work out every bone in your body.

Enhances overall athleticism

Doing a variety of movements and exercises can lead to big gains (+ points for the pun) when it comes to muscular function, effectiveness, and overall explosiveness/balance; even better if you’re doing CrossBody moves e.g., woodchops requires movement through several complex motor patterns.

Uncommon Total-Body Exercises You Can Do at Home

Not everyone has access or wants access (though I still wonder why not) to gym equipment. But fret not! There are plenty of full-body workouts that you can do comfortably from home using nothing but your own body weight!

Plank Jacks

Consider adding these cute little monsters (Definitely /one of my favorite!!) into your next workout routine. Constructed as follows: Get down in a plank position with forearms flat against the ground, palms facing down holding each other forming sides. Rapidly jump feet outward almost 3ft or whatever is comfortable then back together again like jumping jacks keeping the upper half steady much like queen’s guard duty fellows y’know?

Repeat this pattern continuously for an allotted time-frame say twenty seconds initially or until max-out.

Don’t knock them till you try em’.

Standing Bodyweight Muscle Actions

Grabbing dumbells surely will render incredible results no questions asked but what if we utilized our bodies instead? Plus it offers more natural flexibility

1.Ankle Hop Squats:
Standing up straight with enough space between legs spread squat so thighs stay level/same height with the ground rising being accompanied by pop on tip toes.

2.Tendu Side Kicks:
Step alongside usually stepping leg raise off-hand above shoulder as side-kick simultaneously raising opposite arm over also hold before returning gradually/powerfully sending both limbs back their original positions

So there you have it folks. A couple of activities to help from the comfort of your own homes and still gain benefits as if you were at an expensive gym!

Full-Body Tabata Workouts

Tabata, what’s that? Sounds like some whole grain (Jk😂) I know but joking aside this scientific session tending to last usually four minutes with intense 20 seconds periods/10 seconds takin’ it easy in between high-intensity sets.

Here’s a sample tabata plan:
– Jump squats for 20 seconds
– Ten-second rest period
– Mountain climbers for twenty secs
– Another ten-second break
Keep going through exercises alternating them till fall-out


It is a known fact that working out comes with numerous health benefits. And when we talk about total body workout, those benefits increase manifold! By targeting multiple muscle groups at once, full-body workouts are incredibly efficient and effective at keeping us healthy both physically and mentally(why not?!)

So whether you work out from home or hit the gym regularly, there’s no denying that adding full-body routines will give you more bang for each rep!!(We reached our asterisks target)