Is there any cure for vitiligo?

Imagine going out on a sunny day, decked out in your favorite beach wear, only to feel like you’ve been hit by lightning once people start staring at the white patches all over your skin. It’s not exactly what one would call an ideal situation, but that’s just the everyday reality for individuals living with vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease that causes loss of pigmentation or melanin in various parts of the body. This condition affects every race and gender equally and can manifest at any age; even though we’re all prone to pray fervently it skips us. Often referred to as Michael Jackson’s “skin thing” because he had it too; vitiligo inhibits melanocytes from forming properly resulting in depigmented areas ranging in size.

While nobody knows for sure why some folks get this unfair condition, professionals believe genetics may have something more detailed to say concerning who develops it than anything else.

As humorists by trade [insert: ] , medical experts are calling upon our extensive knowledge (?) regarding the world’s ailments – particularly finding practical treatments? Nope – let’s toss medical jargon under as here! Today we will take you through everything related to vitiligo – right from its causes till treatment options (or lack thereof) and aid delightedly answer burnings questions especially ‘is there any real cure?’

Breaking Down Vitiligone:

1.What Causes Vitiligone
2.Who gets affected?
3.Common Types

What Causes Vitiligone?

Here comes the rather scientific bit where we shall make utilitarian employ of words not commoner tongue (poetry really has nothing much here)! Immunology plays a significant role largely believed theory states autoimmune reactions lead attributed namesake discoloration otherwise lacks definitive explanation. Now consider this- sunshine rays do cause tanning, hasn’t your brain performed such correlation when trying to make sense of how can a condition cause light patches in one’s skin?

Well from another perspective, vitiligo lesions result through the malfunctioning process melanin synthesis – Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Scleroderma represent just some autoimmune diseases that elicit manifestations similar patch depigmentation; however, we wouldn’t want our melanocytes becoming overzealous now would we?

Who gets affected by Vitiligone?

Everyone who isn’t immune from genetics! How funny is that?! It affects both genders equally as well people all races ? We know it’s unfair!

Common Types

Now this wacky ailment comes with varied forms long list includes:

  • Non-Segmental Vitiligo
    Vitiligo develops symmetrical patterns often starting on extremities spreading towards rest body thus most common variety.
  • Segmental Vitiligo
    Unlike NON-segmented type usually diagnosed early childhood or adolescent discolored sections follow specific spinal nerves;
    -Highly Stable Tan (HST) Vitiligo
    A rather rare form where new areas don’t anymore become white but instead grows incredibly darker than normal adjacent areas – like an inverse piebaldism.

Treating “Viti-Light”

On to more serious matters now (adjust bow tie) – How do you go about treating vitiligone? As if looking like a reverse Dalmatian wasn’t already deuced uncomfortable without others peering at you strangely. Of course depending on individual factors such lesion size & progression of patches severity treatment options vary significantly.

There are several modalities available for managing the effects of vitiligone aka disguising  to the level of ‘’oh my God baby did you get sunburnt?’’ They include phototherapy using UV-A medications such as Methoxsalen under a five minutes period while logging 20 minute intercede intervals you can imagine how life expectancy may decrease?

Treatment Options

  1. Topical corticosteroids
  2. Calcineurin inhibitors
  3. Light Therapy

Topical Corticosteroids

Topical corticosteroids are mostly useful for treating nonspecific vitiligo types, and it’s commonly the first option healthcare professionals encourage patients to try – sorry the others last longer!

This treatment method works through application of steroids skin which reduces inflammation leading to repigmentation within a few months perhaps owing to arousal adrenocorticotropic hormones don’t panic just yet fewer than three pages overall?! Bear with us we promise at most ten more names only!

Whilst there’s no reliable cure for vitiligone, some prescription medicines used alongside this steroid cream include: tacrolimus (Protopic®) & pimecrolimus (Elidel®). These creams have immunomodulatory properties that help stabilize immune system hence reduce depigmentation frequency unlike rampant soldiers in fight club leading collective army mismatched cells against law better control.

Calcineurin Inhibitors

Speaking of stopping overactive jailbreakers calcineurin inhibitors excuse themselves removing excessive lymphocytes by binding calcium-dependent enzymes present white-color cells previously mentioned affected region via suppressing further autoreactivity over target site hardly denting one’s pockets or tax refunds since they’re cheap, side effects nausea and headaches result among treated individuals.

Calcipotriol is another topical medical mixed with an effective response rate occasionally utilized wider spectrum management condition- though doesn’t befriend Viti-light completely halting spreading instead controlled proliferation lacking characteristic defensive run like beta blockers get made fun off because “beta” huh?

Surgery as One Last Option For Disfigured Vitiligo Patches

In severe cases where all above bland methods fail surgical removal subjected of depigmented skin grafted over same to accelerate pigmentation. And here’s tons more unpronounceable terminologies! BLISTER GRAFTING – huge area exposed during surgery after loosening enough then necessary thin epidermal layer from donor site beneath liquid overlay which gets placed 1-10mm apart patient prepared for cryotherapy available via injection personally If The Flying Spaghetti Monster blessed me with the good fortune of having vitiligo, I’d pass.

Fun Facts about Vitiligone

Just because we are professionals doesn’t mean humor is taboo !Let us give you some fun facts on this quirky condition that may help put (unwanted) smile your face;

  1. Michael Jackson had it : Vin Diesel too
    2.Rapper Krizz Kaliko also has vitiligo but uses heavy makeup to conceal it
    3.The word “vitiligo” derives Latin language precisely “viti”(bitches laughing like kids hearing Jinxed words in class – seriously what did you expect? This article isn’t for serious folks.) means “blotch or blemish,” and “-ligo” means “to destroy.” A very fitting name, if you ask us.
    4.Most individuals affected develop symptoms before age twenty


Crushed dreams and painfully awkward social events mark life of a patchy-patient diagnosed with vitiligone while there exist several helpful treatments arrest spread patches even reverse localized upper Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level as well! However surgery presents one last option undertaking grafts produce overall effects that their appearance would make them worth the effort putting aside how unpleasant surgeries can be.

At least these words took our minds off thinking about another person’s skin color long enough accentuating similarities amongst everybody allowing less preoccupation differences each day amongst all races genders belief systems sexual identities hairdos and pant sizes grouping people according natures rather than external characteristics? Don’t experience envy pangs looking at the neighbor’s skin; like everything else in nature- vitiligo also serves purpose – though it’s an involuntary vice.