Is there a pregnancy test that shows hcg levels?

Are you anxiously waiting to find out if you’re pregnant or not? Do you want to know your hCG levels for reassurance, but are unsure of which pregnancy test will give you the information? Look no further because we have got all the answers you’ve been searching for!

What is hCG and why should I care about it?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that is produced by the placenta after fertilization. It can be detected in a woman’s urine or blood and serves as an indicator of pregnancy. Essentially, if you have high levels of hCG, congratulations – there’s a bun in your oven!

Types of Pregnancy Tests

There are two types of pregnancy tests: urine and blood tests.

Urine Tests

Urine tests measure the amount of hCG in a woman’s urine sample. They are simple to use, affordable, and available over-the-counter at any pharmacy near you! These may be used as early as five days before your missed period but experts recommend waiting till 10 days post menstruation since most women don’t ovulate until around day 14 of their menstrual cycle.

Despite being effective like others even these tests have perplexed users with different brands differing regarding sensitivity i.e how low level concentration they detect.

  • Some commonly available Pregnancy testers include:
    • First Response
    • ClearBlue
    • E.P.T

Remember to read instructions on pack before using.These instruct too what result indicates low/high conferring details missing ultimately from this piece.

Blood Tests

Blood tests can measure both qualitatively i.e positive/negative or quantitatively reporting actual amounts like UI/L. Quantitative analysis identifies small changes in HcG quantities allowing detection at an earlier stage than other trigger-based Brands..

Unlike urine tests, blood tests can only be performed by your healthcare provider as they are more invasive but with quicker and a higher accuracy rate due to the systems being used.

  • There are two types of pregnancy blood tests:
    • A quantitative beta hCG test measures the exact amount of hCG in your body.
    • Qualitative hCG blood test reports whether or not you are pregnant.

Is there a Pregnancy Test that shows my actual HcG levels?

Yes, indeed! Women can have different baseline Hcg levels differing fundamentally from each other; some women may naturally carry higher levels than others. At times these disturbing transitions stating concentrations’ deviation found among multiple occasional testers needs attention hence requirement for advanced precision oriented measuring. These typically monitor patients after an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage indicating exactly how much their hormone levels change between appointments..

Recent studies have highlighted how Hcg intravenous formulations serve as fertility stimuli combatively known as trigger shots helping stimulate ovulation selectively according to menstrual weaknesses producing greater pregnancy chances!

In recent years Advanced testing kits like “Clearblue Weeks Indicator” pave way into market which tracks increase aptitude specifically through estimating time i.e weeks past node directly reflecting expected quantities marking appropriate measurements .Moreover companies offering smartphone applications monitoring daily results forming patterns again suggestive of inevitable amounts.

Keep in mind this requires ongoing supervision ensuring no false alarm blares caused by external factors affecting outcomes thus is highly recommended under expert guidance.Regardless always consult an OB-GYN for clarity concerning any doubts.


Well there you have it folks: urine and blood tests available over-the-counter at local pharmacies near you detect pregnancies based on varying ranges set up regarding sensitivity magnitudes keeping thorough record data concerning health issues..

I hope our little trip helped guide you towards deciding which brand might fulfill every need we’ve illustrated today making sure one feels secure about knowing her situation.Luckily with advancing science,it’s only a matter of time till we develop Hcg detecting apps or maybe even implantable chips that keep trackof hCG levels on the go!

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