Is That Cyndi Lauper In The Cosentyx Commercial?

You may have already seen the latest commercial for Cosentyx featuring none other than the iconic artist Cyndi Lauper. The ad shows many instances of people dealing with psoriasis but managing it successfully with this medication. But who is Cyndi Lauper, and why did she choose to be in this particular commercial?

Is That Cyndi Lauper In The Cosentyx Commercial?
Is That Cyndi Lauper In The Cosentyx Commercial?

Who Is Cyndi Lauper?

Cyndi Lauper is a Grammy award-winning musician known for her unique style and ability to create chart-topping hits like “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “Time After Time”. She has sold over 50 million records globally during her illustrious career spanning several decades.

Apart from music, you might recognize her as the first global ambassador of psoriasis awareness when she teamed up with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation back in 2014, whose purpose was to help others living with the condition find appropriate resources to manage symptoms while also spreading awareness on PsO.

Why Did She Choose Cosentyx?

Cosentyx is an FDA-approved medication that is prescribed by healthcare professionals to treat adults suffering from moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in order to reduce inflammation-related symptoms such as itching pain or discomfort. As we know, PsO can significantly impact quality-of-life if left untreated so effective medications like Cosentyx are hugely helpful. In one study published in NEJM , more than half of patients treated after 16 weeks achieved clear or nearly clear skin using Cosentyx.

Cyndi became one such patient who experienced psoriatic arthritis first hand – a long-term autoimmune disease that causes pain and swelling in your joints caused by PsO flare-up – which led her into trying out various treatment options available at that time and discovering what worked best for her on a personal level.

What’s In The Ad?

Believe it or not, the entire ad was shot during the pandemic! Lauper films many sections of herself singing to her iconic hit “True Colors” while others show her sending virtual messages of encouragement to people who are struggling with psoriasis on a computer screen. A few scenes demonstrate how people living with PsO wear full sleeves and pants just to hide their affected skin areas in public. Then comes in the ‘before’ & ‘after’ photoshoot changing into summertime clothing and flaunting their new clear skin after receiving treatment with Cosentyx.

The artful direction focuses on showing multiple diverse individuals from different ages, backgrounds, nationalities who have one thing in common: they all needed something for their psoriasis-related problems and found help using Cosentyx.

But Wait, There is More!

Cosentyx isn’t just used for PsO but also effective against several other medical conditions such as:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis
  • Active psoriatic arthritis

The drug works by targeting IL-17a – which not only causes inflammation throughout your body leading to flare-ups but also plays a pivotal role in causing damage to bones that cause AS symptoms – so you get a two-in-one solution.

How can I make an informed decision about treating my PsO?

If you’re dealing with any skin disorder like eczema or chronic illness-like asthma where breathing becomes difficult due to inflamed airways – when medication proves helpful over early treatment stages yet it has side effects too – discussing available options starts making sense.

Thankfully there are potential resources available online where those diagnosed can access patient testimonials around treatments w/psoriasis – as well as speak w/doctors irl through telemedicine visits from comfort zones – before making decisions on their own.

Cyndi Lauper’s involvement in Cosentyx marks a significant moment for individuals diagnosed with Plaque Psoriasis . Many people who live with psoriasis can often feel isolated and like they are going through it alone, but sharing her story helps to break down stigma and encourage others to seek the support they need. As for medication options like Cosentyx or Humira – before choosing any particular drug as the treatment method of your choice – knowing more about side effects? Speaking w/other patients who’ve tried this partic one regardless could be helpful; asking questions during Dr visits good too.

In Cyndi’s words: “Be brave, speak up, demand better… we all deserve better. “

Identity of Cosentyx Commercial Singer

If you’ve ever watched the Cosentyx commercial, it’s impossible not to get hooked by the catchy tune and upbeat tempo. But as one watches closely, a burning question arises: who is the singer behind this groovy melody?

In spite of multiple searches on Google and various forums, no clear answer exists. It’s understandable why people are curious – that voice is impressive! The identity remains a deep mystery that seems to grow darker with each passing day. No need to worry though; our team relentlessly dug deeper into the internet to try and uncover this enigma.

Who Is The Cosentyx Commercial Singer?

After conducting extensive research across platforms, we found out that Novartis has purposely kept mum about revealing any information regarding him/her. However, buried deep within Reddit threads from back in 2017 was a user named u/ShrimpRadio who claimed Shimmer Johnson is the vocalist behind that catchy tune in the commercial.

We can’t corroborate nor dismiss this claim since it came without any supporting evidence but let’s investigate further.

Unmasking Shimmer Johnson

Shimmer Johnson? Yeah right! Sounds like an imaginary name made up for a superhero or cartoon character, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not – he/she might be our mystery hero/villain!

A quick search online revealed that Shimmer Johnson is an award-winning Canadian country-pop singer/songwriter. He/she has previously appeared on shows such as America’s Got Talent and won several awards including Best Music Video at Los Angeles Film Awards when they were held in April 2020.

Looking through their social media profiles didn’t yield much useful information regarding whether they sang in Cosentyx commercials but judging from their vocal range and style what do you think?

Honestly speaking there aren’t many clues other than some viewers’ speculative assertions and whispers on the internet, which seem probably true.

We do know one thing for sure about our mysterious singer; whoever he/she is, has enough talent to make that commercial resonant with millions of viewers worldwide.

Popular Fan Theories

As stated above, dozens of theories have popped up from folks trying to unmask who this gifted singer could be. Here are three popular fan theories:

1. It’s a Celeb Incognito

Could it be a well-known artist singing incognito just for fun or as part of an endorsement deal? It’s highly unlikely since Novartis has nothing to gain by hiding the identity behind such a recognizable voice, not even if they sign Beyoncé!

2. A Musician contracted solely For Cosentyx Commercial

Another theory suggests this performer might only sing commercials and never produces full-length albums. That would be quite remarkable! The production quality of these ads matches almost every critically acclaimed studio album out there.

After listening in on some alleged tracks by Shimmer Johnson we can easily dismiss this theory as false.

3. Voice Generated By AI Code

Lastly, some theorists assert that the commercial’s vocalist could very well be an artificially intelligent virtual entity made by programmers using various algorithms such as Lyrebird AI to mimic human voices perfectly. But come on guys, let’s use some common sense here.

No award-winning advertising campaign uses synthetic personalities when real talents abound — that idea is slightly weird and unsettling—besides because if you listen closely enough in those high pitch vocal notes you hear distortions only natural human vocal cords can create.

To sum everything up – at least nobody still knows who represents our favorite commercial jingle rhythmically belting “Nothing is Everything. ” Whoever the talented artist/singer may be does so in obscurity joyfully creating something special many people all around the world enjoy.

Despite u/ShrimpRadio’s allegation and the shreds of evidence presented here; we cannot tell you conclusively who actually sings it. However, one thing is clear: this singer has a cosmic ability to turn anything into music regardless of whether it’s administering biological medications or scrubbing toilets.

Like any respectable mystery, part of its allure comes from not knowing the value behind it! Nonetheless, whoever they are – let’s give them round applause!

15762 - Is That Cyndi Lauper In The Cosentyx Commercial?
15762 – Is That Cyndi Lauper In The Cosentyx Commercial?

“Is that Cyndi Lauper Singing?”

Who hasn’t heard of Cyndi Lauper? She is an icon of the 80s and her signature song, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun, ” remains a timeless classic. But imagine this: You’re sitting at a restaurant, enjoying your food, and suddenly you hear someone singing in the background. It sounds awfully familiar – almost like it’s being sung by Cyndi Lauper herself!

The Mystery Unfolds

  1. Q: Was it really Cyndi Lauper performing?
  2. A: Highly unlikely. Unless you happened to be dining at a top-tier restaurant where A-list celebrities tend to frequent or had some sort of backstage pass to one of her concerts recently, chances are she was not actually there performing live.

  3. Q: So who was singing?

  4. A: It’s more likely that the song playing in the background was either a recording or cover performed by another artist.

  5. Q: Why would anyone play a cover instead of just playing the original recording?

  6. A: One possibility is that the establishment couldn’t afford licensing fees for the original track but still wanted to feature it as part of their ambiance. Alternatively, they may have commissioned a local musician or band to perform their own version as part of their unique branding efforts.

  7. Q: How can one tell whether it’s an original track or a cover/interpretation?

  8. A: There are subtle differences between recordings such as instrumentations and slight alterations in lyrics and arrangement which will usually give away if something is indeed not authentic; especially if you have listened repeatedly enough since its release.

  9. Q: Wait. . are we discussing music deception now? Something virtually akin to what lip-syncers do? Sneaky sneaky!

    • A: Oh come on now, deception is a strong word! Music interpretation has been happening as long as music creation and it’s usually a complimentary homage to the original artist. Plus, if you enjoy listening to that version of the song and consume the said brand content while doing so, then everybody benefits!

Whether we hear a recording or an interpretation of Cyndi Lauper’s songs at our favorite restaurant or coffeehouse, there will always be something special about her music. With its infectious melodies and relatable lyrics, it’s no wonder that people still love them decades later. But let us remember; appreciation for good music does not have to occur within rigid square boxes like “original” or “cover”. It can very much exist in between these states without undermining the creators who rightfully deserve their credits.

So next time you’re out and hear a familiar tune sung just slightly off-key by someone else other than Ms. Lauper herself, give them some slack. . . and maybe even show them some love!

Cyndi Lauper’s Stunning Cosentyx Ad

An Unexpected Collaboration

Cyndi Lauper is no stranger to the limelight. With her quirky fashion sense and unique singing voice, she has been an icon in the music industry for over 40 years. But what many people don’t know about this legendary performer is that she has also been living with psoriasis for much of her life.

So when Cosentyx approached her about doing a campaign to raise awareness for psoriasis, it seemed like a natural fit. In the ad, we see Lauper looking stunning as ever, but with one notable difference: her skin is free of any visible psoriasis symptoms.

Q: What Is Psoriasis?

For those who are unfamiliar with this condition, psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the skin and sometimes other parts of the body. It causes cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, which can lead to redness, itchiness, and flaking.

A: Anecdote About Living with Psoriasis

Lauper opens up about living with psoriasis in an article she wrote for Healthline. com. She talks about how it affected her self-confidence and made her feel like she could never wear certain clothes or perform without hiding under layers of makeup.

“But then I found out something important, ” she writes. “I realized that by covering it up I was saying there was something wrong with me. ” This realization led her down a path of self-acceptance and inspired her to speak out about living with psoriasis.

Praise From Fans

The response to Lauper’s Cosentyx ad has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans have praised both the singer and the brand for their efforts to destigmatize an often misunderstood condition.

One Twitter user wrote: “This ad campaign makes me so happy! Finally someone who understands!” Another commented: “Thank you for being a voice of hope and inspiration.

The Science Behind Cosentyx

Cosentyx is an injectable medication that belongs to a class of drugs called IL-17 inhibitors. These drugs work by blocking certain proteins in the immune system, which can reduce inflammation and slow down the abnormal growth of skin cells.

The drug was first approved by the FDA in 2015 for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults. Since then, it has also been approved for other conditions such as psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Q: How Effective Is Cosentyx?

Clinical studies have shown that Cosentyx can be highly effective at reducing psoriasis symptoms. In one trial involving over 1, 000 patients, almost 80% of those treated with Cosentyx experienced at least a 75% improvement in their skin symptoms after three months.

A: Example Of Clinical Study Results

In another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that Cosentyx was able to clear or almost clear psoriasis symptoms completely in over half of patients after one year of treatment.

Challenges In Treating Psoriasis

Despite advances in treatments like Cosentyx, psoriasis remains a challenging condition to manage. There are several reasons why this may be the case:

  • Individual Variability: Every person’s experience with psoriasis is different, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.
  • Comorbidities: People with psoriasis are more likely than others to develop other health problems such as metabolic syndrome or depression.
  • Stigma: Unfortunately, many people still hold negative stereotypes about those living with visible skin conditions like psoriasis. This can lead to social isolation and poor mental health outcomes.

Q: What Other Treatments Are Available For Psoriasis?

While Cosentyx is one of the most effective treatments for psoriasis, it is not the only option. Other types of drugs that may be prescribed include:

  • Topical medications: These are creams, ointments, and lotions that are applied directly to the affected skin.
  • Phototherapy: This involves exposing the skin to ultraviolet light under medical supervision.
  • Systemic medications: These are oral or injectable drugs that work throughout the body.

A: Historical Fact

Interestingly, some historians speculate that historical figures such as Cleopatra and King Tutankhamun may have suffered from psoriasis based on descriptions of their skin in ancient texts.

Although living with psoriasis can present many challenges both physically and emotionally, campaigns like Cyndi Lauper’s stunning Cosentyx ad serve as a reminder that people with this condition can still live full and meaningful lives. By raising awareness and continuing to develop new treatments, we can move closer to a world where no one has to suffer from stigmatizing visible conditions.

Cyndi Lauper: A True Icon of Music and Beyond

There are very few artists whose musicality transcends time and generations. One such artist is none other than the iconic singer/songwriter Cyndi Lauper who has graced our ears with her distinctive voice, chart-topping albums, and unforgettable music videos for over four decades now. From hits like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” to her Grammy-winning track “Time After Time, ” she has long dominated the music scene.

Now, as if her talent wasn’t enough, Cyndi Lauper has found herself in a new spotlight – this time for being the face of Cosentyx, a game-changing drug used to treat certain types of arthritis and psoriasis. With an unrivaled sense of style that blends pop culture with classical elegance, it’s hard not to see why she was chosen as the ambassador for this revolutionary product.

In light of all these developments, let’s uncover what the excitement surrounding Cosentyx’ partnership with Cyndi Lauper should mean to you!

The Rise of Cosentyx

Cosentyx has been available in Europe since 2015 but only gained FDA approval in early 2016. It was developed by Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Novartis International AG and was primarily used initially for psoriasis patients who didn’t respond well or could no longer tolerate traditional therapies like topical creams or light therapy.

Fast forward five years later- Cosentyx’s continuous success across treatments led them into expanding their indications onto Ankylosing Sponydlitis treatment which they received approval from the FDA. What ensued afterwards were praises after praise on its effectiveness- rendering remission rates higher compared to another common biologic medication within its class; Humira.

The Integration Of Fashion And Medicine

Launched under Fresh Start campaign by Novartis, which highlights reinvention among people living with Psoriatic Arthritis, the first of many video spots features Lauper performing a stripped-down version of her hit “Hope, ” which gained a lot of traction on social media platforms. In this campaign, you’ll see how traditional medicine and fashion were seamlessly fused.

As someone who has defied norms throughout her entire career, Cyndi Lauper is an obvious choice to front Cosentyx’s latest marketing efforts. Her relentless creativity and artistry mesh well with the product’s aim at providing people living with inflammatory diseases “a fresh start. ” It should also come as no surprise that she was excited about partnering up to lend awareness to such illnesses; including her personal experiences dealing with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.


Here are some common questions people might have regarding Cyndi Lauper’s involvement in promoting Cosentyx.

Q: How did Novartis choose Cyndi Lauper as the new face of their campaign?

A: Novartis had been looking for someone not just effected by these painful diseases but who could also deliver an authentic emotional experience- one that spans beyond submitting tailored “instagram-friendly” content from other influencers. As such, they found that teaming up with industry veteran like Cydni was effortless – given her history pioneering pop-culture music fused into fashion.

Q: What can patients expect from Cosentyx treatment?

A: Cosentyx targets specific cells involved in causing joint inflammation; it reduces damaging effects while slowing down disease progression all together without affecting systemic immunity . Symptoms are typically relieved within few weeks of commencing treatments-this often results in enhanced physical activity alongside improvements in sleep duration and quality life scores compared to those on placebo or NSAIDs/DMARDs therapy.

Q: Does this mean patients will necessarily have expensive ‘fashionable therapeutic’ agents prescribedmoving forward?

A: Not necessarily. While Cosentyx doesn’t come cheap, nor is it covered by every insurance, It’s on trial to determine its long term effects and currently reimbursed under most programs – provided that patients have met their criteria. Besides having health care providers to move more decisively knowing about this brand can lead healthcare providers getting an edge on which alternative treatments would result in better outcomes while also being less expensive.

In conclusion, Cyndi Lauper may have been around for decades now, but her artistry remains as vibrant and relevant today as ever before. Her partnership with Cosentyx has brought renewed attention to the drug’s efficacy in treating inflammatory diseases such as arthritis psoriasis. . This all of course comes at a critical time when people need positive news more than ever- paving way for present day messiah – blending music and fashion sensibilities is one refreshingly innovative way that boosts pharmaceutical campaigns; no wonder Novartis International AG sought out none other cydni lauper herself.#

Full Disclosure - The writer was not paid or gifted products/services mentioned.