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We live in a world dominated by technology, and with new innovations being churned out every day, it can be hard to keep up. One of the newer kids on the block is TCL – a brand that has been generating quite a buzz lately. So, what exactly is TCL? And is it really as good as everyone says it is? In this article, we’re going to explore these questions and more.

What Exactly is TCL?

TCL stands for The Creative Life – no doubt an attempt at something poetic by their marketing team. It’s actually a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, China. The company was originally founded in 1981 as TTK Home Appliances Co., Ltd but rebranded to its current name in 2007.

TCL specializes in manufacturing television sets but also produces other electronic products like smartphones and air conditioners.

Is It Actually Any Good Though?

Let’s get straight down to brass tacks here: Is TCL any good or are people just buying into some sort of hype train because they heard someone else rave about it while scrolling through Instagram?

Well first things first: if you’re looking for high-end quality TVs that will have your friends green with envy then perhaps look elsewhere because while there are certainly reasons why you might want to go for one of its TV models instead of competitors such as Sony or Samsung (more on that later) , you won’t find yourself reaching for your mobile phone the second you see them .

Its Unique Pros

That said though let’s not throw the baby out with bathwater (what does that even mean?) yet . There are still pros when considering TCL over other brands :

  • First off although prices may vary depending obviously on each market place them generally remain below those aforementioned premium brands .
  • Not only do prices stay reasonable though aside from affordability you’re not just getting white noise at that price. While sacrificing some of the finest details higher-end products offer, it’s still no slouch offering many features including both 4K and Dolby Vision technology .
  • Additionally there generally is a budget friendly Roku interface included as well .

Its Shoot-Down Cons

Beware though – this isn’t to say that TCL TVs are perfect. As with anything in life, there are bound to be downsides and disadvantages.

Here are some cons you would want to know about:

  • One issue people commonly grumble about for TCL TV models is their lack of brightness levels .
  • Another flaw consumers have complained about centers around sound quality so investing in an additional speaker system recommended
  • There may also potentially be certain restrictions present on its cheaper models such as less connectivity options or slow app stores depending again on specifics varying per model .

How Does It Compare To Other Brands?

We’ve been throwing shade towards Samsung and Sony throughout this article claiming contradictory things but how do they actually compare? Let’s take a look:

Samsung Vs. TCL

Obviously one of the biggest global brands out there when it comes televisions would undoubtedly include Samsung . Yet (using language tips from Sesame Street clearly) now being armed with more knowledge does TCL measure up ?

It could depend according your audience although taking off our middle-of-the-road subjective lenses we can break down pros vs. cons :


What you get if considering Samsung :
1)Premium design thanks to attractive styling plus slim designs ideal where space matters.
2)Lots of integrated apps with exceptional image processing.
3)Quantum Dot Technology renders vibrant colors among other perks.


That said here is what one might consider stepping away from:
-Gaining ground always brings risks naturally :expect wallet/bank account damage.
-The picture frame-like bezels will almost definitely cost extra beyond sticker price in the relatively long term.
-Comparing TCL’s budget friendly platform to Samsung is akin to comparing apples to oranges here.

Sony Vs TCL

Now let’s jump into an older, also market dominant brand :Sony. How fares TCL against them?


First off these are some strong arguments in favour of going with a Sony:

1) For color clarity and the blackest blacks for easy late night binge watching you can’t go wrong thanks to its TRILUMINOS screen technology.
2) Audio quality — while more subjective than most improvements –is clear on this one,picture bars may be where it’s at. Some sets opting for settings like “cinema mode” (literally just ushers coming in halfway through your movie)
3)Like Samsung integrated app support is present which seems almost expected by most !


That said though again let’s look both ways before crossing :
-Screen models will likely cost a fortune so don’t expect such imminently…
-In addition whilst there are many obvious plus points per category this writer vows not too poke too much further fun or criticism similarly as mentioned above yet suffice it say Hollywood-styled speakers typically need accompanying gear.


So, should you get a TCL TV? As usual when it comes making purchases there isn’t necessarily either/or answer – just numerous factors that’ll depend personally/preferentially .

While sometimes some risks might exist financially they remain affordable alternatives with several features offered but certainly won’t rise up with flagship products especially given cheaper prices. That being said depending on what exactly it is that matters most , whether price mobility or large sizes none of those–going from percentage data numbers be neglected–are present in even premium-priced TVs currently flooding stores today .

As ever we’d love your feedback below so leave any personal experiences/thoughts/feedback accordingly !

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