Is sweet almond oil made from almonds?

Before we delve into the question of whether sweet almond oil is made from almonds, let’s first understand what sweet almond oil is.

What is Sweet Almond Oil?

Sweet almond oil is a pale yellow or clear fluid that has a mild nutty aroma and flavor. The oil can be either cold-pressed or heat-processed and is extracted from the seeds of Prunus dulcis tree species. This makes sense because in Latin ‘Prunus’ means plum and the fruit of this tree bears some similarity to plums (I know, I’m full of useless information!).

Why Use Sweet Almond Oil?

A highly effective moisturizer for hair and skin, sweet almond oil has been used since ancient times by empresses like Cleopatra as part of their beauty regimen (yes even queens are guilty). Enriched with vitamins A, B1,B2,B6,E,D,Fatty acids Zinc Iron Potassium it balances moisture levels without clogging pores (Bonus: clears acne) , soothes irritated skin while removing impurities leaving you with silky smooth skin which reminds me lady gaga uses pure gold flakes on her face before shows because apparently normal stage lighting just isn’t enough…. .Ahem was distracted; now where were we??

So…is it made from ALMONDS??

The simple answer -Yes

Almonds come out high trump in this game as they are packed with nutrients so putting them under arrest simply wouldn’t be right…(Yes pun intended)

Sweet almond oil comes specifically  from edible varieties though.

How do you get the Oil though?

Excuse my cousin Sal he doesn’t quite grasp basic anatomy but to get down on oils one needs to start at cellular level.(I think he missed our biology class altogether!) The seed itself contains about 50% fatty oleic acid so once harvested, cleaned and hulled the almond is basically sitting there prepping for its glorious purpose.

To begin extracting the oil, almonds will then be pressed into super fine particle stage or as I like to describe it -powderized- and far more sophisticatedly known as Almond Flour or Meal. From hereon processing differs:

Method 1:Cold Pressing

”Cold pressing’ involves grinding the oily flesh at low temperatures so that no significant quantities of heat are generated during this process.Once ground,it can either go through a hydraulic press (requires some serious strength)which separates out liquids from solids leaving behind a paste .Water may then be passed through this resulting paste so onether layer of seperated oils rises above water level excreting Sweet Almond Oil which can finally be collected.(well that gives new meaning to squeezing life out something!)

Method 2: Heat Processing

Now trust me when I say things can get heated up in ‘Heat Processed’ methods where ground almond flour/ meal has added heat (like microwaving minus terror) to speeden up oil extraction.Well that just seems wrong !Despite generating copious amounts of sweet goodness,sudsequent heat causes nutrient loss.Moreover darker yellowish color imparts an off taste common in vegetable based extractions.

Fun Fact Alert!

Interestingly enough did you know you need around two pounds(roughly one kg)of raw almonds to produce just one cup(approximately100g)Of Sweet Almond Oil?That’s why she always complains about how much work went into her crafts-and by ‘she’ i mean my grandma!

There must be other Uses too Right?

Sweet almond oil is famous for its cosmetic uses but here’s what else it does:

Did you know sweet almond oil has high heating point making it great for cooking at higher temperatures than olive or coconut oil? Recommended use to saute vegetables or as a salad dressing ingredient. It has neutral flavour making it great for cakes, baklava or even confectioneries topping.(Oh the things you can learn🤯)

Medical Uses
Dermatologists often prescribe sweet almond oil to avoid dryness and itching during pregnancy.At safe levels of magnesium sweet almond oil treats constipation.

The Verdict

It’s safe to say that sweet almond oil is definitely derived from almonds but people have been known to mistake it with its less desirable cousin ‘bitter’ almond!(that bitter sibling always acting up) Bitter Almond Oil contains toxic particles which used in essence form must be strictly supervised by experts only-So don’t just go ahead consuming whatever you come across at your local store!

On the other hand, Sweet Almond Oil comes packed with nutrients and goodness; being an amazing moisturizer-based cosmetic, excellent cooking option at high heat points and possible medical solution.. Oh my so many uses! So let’s stick to using M’am Manon’s tried & true remedies wink.

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