Is stairmaster better than elliptical?

Are you tired of the same old debate between a Stairmaster and an Elliptical machine, leaving you confused over which one is better for your workout routine? Look no further, as this article will provide a hilarious take on the great stair climber vs. elliptical showdown.

The Basics

Before we dive into our entertaining exploration of both machines, let’s cover some basics:

What is a Stairmaster?

A Stairmaster is a type of cardio equipment that mimics stair climbing with adjustable speed and resistance levels. It primarily targets your lower body muscles such as glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

What is an Elliptical?

An Elliptical also known as cross-trainer in British English, offers low-impact cardio exercise by simulating walking or running motion without actually lifting up the feet from pedals. They’re capable of distributing weight evenly throughout the entire body during workouts.

Now that we have cleared up what each machine does let’s get into why they are compared against each other.


When it comes to affordability many gyms offer both options but if you’re looking to purchase one for yourself there may be huge fluctuations.

The average cost range for gym equipment at store comprises:

Gym Equipment Model Price Range
StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill Steps Climber           $2k-$7k
Precor EFX 556i Commercial Series Ellipticals                     $4k-$8k

As it appears from price comparison above clearly illustrates that purchasing an elliptic trainer can dent your wallet significantly more than investing in a staircase simulator — unless money isn’t an issue! 

Muscle Targeting

The biggest difference between these two machines is the muscle groups they activate.

Stairmaster Benefits

The Stairmaster targets large muscle groups in the lower body including calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes. With options to adjust speed and resistance, you can strengthen explosive force capabilities allowing individuals to target specific muscles at different levels according to their fitness goals.

Elliptical Benefits

On the other hand, an Elliptical offers a lower-impact cardio workout that engages a wider range of upper body muscles such as chest, arms, shoulders back compared to Stepmills. Because the elliptical simulates running or walking motion without much impact on joints this makes it ideal for those with various injuries or chronic pain issues.

Although both are great machines in terms of weight loss and cardiovascular function enhancement but if stamina building is your goal then stair climber will be more beneficial because it adapts to give you increased resistance throughout your routine.

Calorie Burn

When comparing calories burned during workouts on each machine here’s what we found:

Calories burned During 30 minutes
StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill Steps Climber           Average: ~260 (for person weighing around 180 pounds)
Precor EFX 556i Commercial Series Ellipticals         Average: ~180 (for person weighing around 180 pounds)

Another beautiful day proven scientifically! To get most out of elliptic trainer one should try resistive sessions followed by low-intensity intervals which helps in increasing metabolism rate so you burn more food (calories) even after completing exercise routines also known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption(EPOC) But If you want better results with less time spent exercising then opt for a Stairmaster machine which burns more calories than an elliptical!

The Practicalities

Let’s dive into some practical differences:

Noise Levels

If you’ve ever stood on a Stairmaster Stepmill, you know it produces considerably greater noise than an elliptical. This is because of the clunky mechanics that work to create such a great resistance throughout your workout routine when compared to flatter, smoother stepping motion as offered by ellipticals.

However, this may not hold true if the machine is of good quality or has had adequate maintenance work done.


When it comes to portability both machines have pros and cons; where stair climber with varying terms could be different from each other depending on their weights but generally speaking would require minimum floor space taking up fairly small footprint inside your home gym whereas Ellipticals occupy more room due to its wider base design leaving little manoeuvre in your active zones (walking around)

Furthermore – our personal favourite . . . drum roll please!

Entertainment Quotient

It appears that one can also opt for entertainment while using either machine giving them various choices like watching Youtube videos listening music podcasts anything goes which leaves us at equal footing without any definite winner/loser especially during tough times like these!

Overall, both Stair Climbing and Elliptical training are fantastic options for those looking to increase cardio health or lose weight through low impact exercises, whether in power conditioning or gentle rehabilitation from chronic injuries (or even post-rehabilitation) – With added benefit of reducing stress levels!
So why choose only one? Mix up your routines as often as possible so boredom never sets!

Well there you have it folks! While we cannot give you an answer beyond opinion based justification just remember: Pick whichever equipment provides maximum fun factor for guaranteed consistent use!

Embrace variety in life which helps keep things interesting livening moods & Building stronger muscles.

Remember… sweat every day so when someone tries afoul trickery, you can punch ’em in the face with your newly acquired strong muscles.