Is st ives good for your skin?

The ever-so-popular skincare brand, St. Ives, has been around in the industry since 1955 and is known for its affordable and accessible products that leave your skin feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom. But with so many opinions out there on the line of products, we must ask ourselves – is St. Ives good for your skin?

What Does Science Say About It?

Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty details about whether or not using St. Ives is a good idea, let’s dive into science!

We all know that exfoliating can be beneficial to our skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting cell turnover resulting in brighter and healthier looking complexion but excessive scrubbing can lead to irritation **and compromised skin barrier function.

Now you may think that utilizing an apricot scrub a la St.Ives would give you all those exciting benefits without any of the drawbacks- but ahem: some Dermatologists disagree.

helps remove dirt buildup Can cause micro-tears
promotes healthy-looking glow Over-exfoliation
great after hair removal procedures

Disclaimer: The above table neither confirms nor denies anything until further reading.

Are All Skins Created Equal When It Comes To This Brand?

Having established what science thinks about this topic (which was nothing), next up–we need to catch our bearings when it comes to if st ives is gearead toward specific types of skins?

Well folks guess what! According to their website y’all are freebies now! Any gender size or saucepan okay just kidding, they have something for every type!

Even more intriguingly enough they got stuff targeted towards acne-prone folks too which according to one study contains antimicrobial properties known as pinene ingredient in it could help in treating acne. Then again, feedback seems to be mixed on that front!

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Who better to ask this big-ticket question “Is St.Ives good for your skin?” than … the people themselves-What is a brand without an audience in any case?
After scouring Reddit threads and numerous product review pages old & new– customer reviews are mostly positive!

Snippets of their comments read:

“my face feels silky smooth after use!”

”I have tried plenty of scrubs, but nothing beats my old reliable!”

You may assume-they like this exfoliating scrub (which I am sure prompted you to click the article link). Nevertheless, there appears to be some ambiguity around its effectiveness.

“It caused me breakouts”, with many attributing it down to overusing the product

So should one opt for this brand or not? Let’s breakdown further what exactly exacerbates these breakouts.

Word From The Experts

All things considered let us avoid remaining entirely impartial; we dug up various sources claiming that harshness of formula can cause scars on our lovely faces!

Conclusion: Is St. Ives Good For Your Skin?

In all sincerity genuinely it does boil down towards personal preference-Shocking!.

That being expressed I’m hoping this levelled-head analysis has given you more guidance regarding the pros and cons when choosing this brand.

If none of the above clears anything away well shoot-give them a try-who knows? It might result in glowing baby-smooth cheeks!

…or acne scars 🙁


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