Is spring valley cinnamon ceylon or cassia?

Are you one of those people who genuinely can’t differentiate between the different types of cinnamon? Or are you simply someone on a quest to find out whether your Spring Valley cinnamon is ceylon or cassia? Well, look no further! In this article, we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about the two main varieties of cinnamon and which one you’re most likely consuming in your daily life. So grab a cinnamon latte and let’s get started!

The Basics: What Exactly is Cinnamon?

Before getting into the main topic at hand, it’s essential to understand what exactly makes up cinnamon. Often praised for its unique flavor and aroma, it turns out that just like our personalities, not all cinnamon is created equal.

Do you know that there are over 100 species of trees in the genus cinnamomum (the scientific name for what humans call “cinnamon”)?. However only TWO species- Cassia and Ceylon – have popular usages.

In this section we will cover:

  • General description
  • Types
  • History

General Description

Cinnamon comes from dried inner bark from certain tree species delved under broad leaves still attached yet detached from another part leaving strips; that looks botanically similar but with significant differences – depending on source called either ground cinamon”powdered”cicnamon” stick (hereinafter referred as QUILL).

The various types differ primarily based on where they originate geographically. True cinnamon also known as ‘ceylon’ has a mild flavour with citrusy notes , while cassia often described like clove spice taste.



Cinnamomum casssia grown mainly countries such as Indonesia , China etc typically forms rougher thicker rolls when dried.

The most commonly used type of cinnamon is cassia with a more intense flavour and aroma, much less expensive. Its darker in colour than ceylon and contains coumarin- an organic chemical that can harm the liver when taken in higher dosages over a long time.

  • Ceylon

Cinnamomum verum or “true cinnamon” typically grown in Sri Lanka from having layered softer rolls;fine than Cassai

Ceylon (‘true’ cinnamon) tends to be lighter coloured, with thinner and flakier quills . It also has sweeter flavor profile compared to cassia however not very flavorful due lower levels of the volatile oil that its counterpart has.


Cinnamon was treasured for its unique flavoring scent for centuries decade ago stretching back millenniums such as ancient Egyptians using it during times of embalming. Later on it had been included within certain traditional medicines across parts like India, China among others exhibiting their anti-inflammatory properties evidenced through antioxidants contained therein.

The Main Event: Is Spring Valley Cinnamon Ceylon or Cassia?

Now you might be wandering , where does Spring valley come into all this deliberation?

Spring valley is known catering health supplements including vitamins minerals which world renowed retail gaint Walmart sells marketed under their own brand name ‘Spring Valley’. Among other things they produce frequently purchased one being ground cinamon materialized by simply dropping pieces under micro-grinders finally grinded enough till sometimes later sold at your local wal mart stores .

Going further down:

Spring Valleys’s product though labeled as 100% Pure Cinnamon doesn’t indicate which species the cinamon originates. Such descriptions are used conforming to Federal Trade Commission guidelines revealed by New York Times confirming errors present since even nutritionists inherently rely on packaging labelling info thus recommend carefully reading purposes prior usage especially peoples affected by diabetics sensitive to coumarin’s.

Although, purchasing cinnamon from Walmart can in itself an ordeal with its long queues and pesky customers but It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know which type you’ve got.

The Verdict on Spring Valley Cinammon

With this ambiguity known we cannot ascertain whether spring valley pure cinamon is Ceylon or cassia.

While few manufacturers today listing their product composition as such or using only ceylon containing variety (less coumarin content) often times it may seem ambiguous between whether truly originating from cassia plantation resulting in confusion of much less acquaintance expressing any worry about the difference.

So , what to do? Is buying Spring Valley really worth it?

The short answer is yes! Although we cannot be sure which species constitute their product, our thorough research exhibits that irrespective whichever kind present doesn’t automatically negate additive health benefits one could derive so long customers continue using proper measurements prescribed suggestions under qualified Dr’s advice -keeping prevailing nature of intake within desired parameters.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Now that we’ve explored both varieties of cinnamon let’s lay down some points on which one should opt for according to your preference:


Cassia has a more intense flavor than its lighter counterpart. However, If mild flavors are up your alley then ceylon would suffice.

Health Implications

Due to Cassia having higher coumarins count those with liver difficulties will want skip anything associated as insufficient evidence dwells showing disastrous consequences inspite gentle consumption.

On other hand Coumarine carries naturally occuring substances contained by plants possessing blood thinning agents helping improve anti-inflammatory properties setting forth alongside decreased post prandial insulin levels further preventing shots such robbing body off natural goodness having sugar loving bacteria reduced per Forbes magazine report citing expert comments .

### Price

If looking an afforable option then cassai might offer where cost effective prices enjoyed . However, its levels of coumarins considered hazardous been proven having depressant effects to some organs usually extending outward downwards worst cases. Ceylon is a more rarer cinnamon species and therefore costs more.

So essentially it all boils down personal preference which ultimately speaks volumes concerning their preferred intake fueled by taste , health implications as well wallet size


In conclusion, there’s no definitive answer on whether Spring Valley cinnamon is ceylon or cassia (apologies for getting your hopes up). However, we hope that this article has given you a deeper understanding of the two main varieties of cinnamon out there in terms of flavor, health implications, price and history.

Although our response might seem somewhat conclusive one must always check with their dietician prior consumption bettering sound advice from qualified nutrition expert so please proceed informed.

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