Is seamen good for your teeth?

When it comes to dental health, people are willing to do almost anything. From expensive teeth whitening treatments to intensive brushing and flossing, the lengths one is willing to go in pursuit of a bright and healthy smile knows no bounds. But what if there was a less conventional method that could help your pearly whites? One that is as unconventional as it sounds – semen. While this may sound like something out of left field, there have been claims that ejaculation can actually benefit your oral hygiene efforts by doing some heavy-hitting work against cavity-causing bacteria.

The Science Behind It

You might be asking yourself how semen could possibly be good for teeth considering its reputation as an unpleasant substance most of the time (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Well, the answer lies within spermine – a compound unique to human sperm with powerful anti-oxidant properties believed beneficial in reducing inflammation and promoting overall cellular health[1]. Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies incorporate spermine powder into various creams used for skincare due to its ability to slow down aging from oxidative stress.[2]

Oral Applications

While research on this topic remains limited and further research would need prior thorough vetting before any recommendations can me made or claimed benefits outlined besides personal anecdotal evidence; A person who has chronic gingivitis explained he started using seamen mouthwash solution several years ago when his dentist told him about new information which linked sperm’s cell-killing proteins called semenase found within Spermine molecule composition acting aggressively against cells accumulated around gum tissue areas. He reports significant reduction measures taken over Gingivitis issues since then.


Before reaching for any bottle crowding his inner cavities though, bear in mind: fresh semen does contain sugars which cause tooth decay if not brushed off immediately after consumption so ideally being patient will come handy!

Whether or not you want to jump on board and give this unconventional method a try is up to your discretion – after all, there’s no denying that using such methods brings with it at least a few raised some eyebrows. But if you’re someone who loves trying new things and exploring uncharted territories when it comes to oral health or even during ritualistic gatherings — perhaps semen could be exactly what the dentists did not advise! #lols


On the other hand, always remember: never put anything in mouth without ensuring its safety first from trusted sources/training / proper instructions and academic research.


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