Is remifemin safe to take?

Are you tired of experiencing hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings during menopause? Do not worry as there is a treatment that can help alleviate these symptoms – Remifemin.

But wait! Before you start popping those tablets into your mouth like tic-tacs, let’s get to know more about this medicine first.

What is Remifemin?

Remifemin is an over-the-counter medication made from a natural plant extract called Black Cohosh Root. It has been used for years to specifically target the symptoms experienced by women during menopause. The good news is that it also helps address PMS-related issues in younger women.

“Wait, black what?, How do you even pronounce that?” – You may be wondering right now so here it goes – “Black CO-HOSH ROOT”, wink.

This surprisingly effective herbal supplement comes in tablet form with doses ranging from 40 milligrams to 320 milligrams depending on how severe your symptoms are.

Now that we have established its definition let’s talk about why this herbal remedy could actually save your life- or at least make things slightly bearable during ‘The Change’.

Is Remifemin Safe To Take?

One of the most significant concerns people have when looking into new medications involves safety measures. Given our modern era where medicines either seem outlandishly experimental or come coupled with a paragraph-long fine print warning label filled with words only pharmacists could decipher (we don’t blame them though), it’s understandable if one were sceptical about trying something new.

But fear not folks! With regard to patient health and approval ratings, REMI-FEMIN IS AS SAFE AS HULA HOOPS AND STOOP BALL (Remember those?).
Here are some reasons why:

Natural Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, Remifenin is derived from Black Cohosh, a natural plant extract that has been used to treat various ailments for centuries. Compound medicines formulated in laboratories are usually synthetic and can lead to severe side effects like allergic reactions.

No need for boxes on this one. The ‘natural’ label should be sufficient enough. See what we did there?


Remifemin is not an addictive substance which would have the potential of creating dependence similar to narcotics or even anti-depressants among others.


Minimal Side Effects

The most frequent complaints associated with Remifemin involve mild stomach discomfort (Rarely anything worse than moderate). This is mostly because Black Cohosh root could potentially cause some gastrointestinal issues when introduced into your system, especially if you’re already prone to those sorts of complications.

“Hey whatcha doing?”
“Just adding therapy side effects here”
“SWEET!!! Another beautiful bullet point babes!”

Other rare yet not so alarming cases include dizziness or headaches -but whose momma failed at reminding them that too much of everything is hazardous?

Benefits Of Using Remifemin

So now that you know how safe it is let’s talk about why choosing Remifenin over other drugs would be beneficial:

Acts As An Alternative To Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

While HRTs may reduce symptoms experienced during menopause significantly; they come coupled with unwanted side effects such as increased risk of heart disease, blood clots cancer etcetera making For older women PTHT use practically risky.

However remifenin is hormone-free and provides relief from hot flashes insomnia mood swings among other new-century problems without risking their chances against these risks .

I don’t know about you guys but replacing my go-to greek salad dressing can make me go nuts… Imagine having to replace an entire hormone therapy. The thoughht of that level of stress would have me packing my bags pulling-a-forrest-gump and running for every single hill in view- until now.

No Known Interactions

Remifemin has no known drug interactions making it safe for anyone already taking other medication to start a new regimen altogether.

“We should collectively send the inventor’s mother Cookies or something.”
-Dude #2, “I will get one like yesterday”

Addresses PMS Symptoms Too!

Young women experiencing PMS symptoms such as  cramps breast tenderness mood swings can benefit from Remifenin just as much given its multifaceted approach towards health issues and is age bias-free.

Food stops becoming the enemy on those days ladies & gentlemen! Hallelujah!! (and you know who says that)

Dosages And Precautions

Now before you immediately rush off to your local pharmacy with great enthusiasm and excitement about starting a new routine (like we all do). Here are some precautions:

Recommended Dosage

The recommended amount per dose varies depending on your symptoms, ranging from 20 milligrams to 320 milligrams daily . However dosages exceeding these limits could result in rather unpleasant experiences so make sure you stay within the recommended limit shown on usage labels provided alongside pill bottles.

“You know what they say ‘all good things lead up tp moderation'”. I think someone said that once…” – Some philosopher back in time..

Use With Caution During Pregnancy Or Within Younger Individuals

Although there are currently no studies saying it’s unsafe: Hippocrates advises expecting mothers abstain or seek medical consultation before popping any type of health supplements involving Black Cohosh data concerning side effects amongst infants are quite scarce but caution wouldn’t be amiss.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all Remifemin seems like a pretty viable treatment option for women who are either going through menopause or have been dealing with those nasty PMS symptoms. We hope this article gave a thorough (yet fun) insight into one of the safest and most natural options, free from synthetic highly addictive chemicals. So next time you visit your doctor ladies (men too. No assumptions here), don’t forget to ask about Remifemin as an alternative course of hormonal fortitude.

Here’s hoping that Black Cohosh root unlocks closed-tight doors in many other medical issues still yet unsolved.
Think we missed out on anything? Drop us some words down at our comment section below-Let’s keep the conversation going.

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