Is powder good for hair?

Have you ever heard that powder can be used in your hair? Yes, I know it sounds crazy! But trust me, powder is the future! Before we dive into why powder is so amazing for our locks (yes, LOCKS!), let’s explore how it all started.

The History of Powder in Hair

Believe it or not, using powder in hair has been around since the 18th century. Back then they used flour to absorb excess oil and sweat from their scalp. It wasn’t until later on that talcum powder became a popular alternative.

As someone who’s tried every method out there (well almost), I can tell you that powered just does wonders for your hair! Here are just some reasons:

1) No One Likes Greasy Scalp – Combat That Grease With Powder!

Greasy scalp is one thing no one wants to deal with. If you’re short on time and you don’t feel like washing your hair again after a day or two, then sprinkle some baby powder onto your roots where the grease tends to accumulate most prominently (should definitely try this!). Not only will you soak up excess oil but also give your tresses some much-needed volume all thanks to #HackPowder.

2) Less Shampooing Means Healthier Tresses

Frequent shampooing strips off natural oils from the scalp which can leave locks looking lifeless; quite ironic right? Using powders sparingly throughout the week means less need of frequent washing allowing natural oils such as sebum can nourish our strands naturally keeping them beautiful & healthy-looking without spending too many bucks on salon products (AKA saving those coins!)

What About Dandruffs Then?

You might think “but what about dandruff?” Don’t worry: Head & Shoulders ain’t the only option! A lot of well-known products out there actually contain talcum powder as one of their key components which can help reduce dandruff-causing bacteria, so that’s a double win!

3) Powder Vs Dry Shampoo

So you might be thinking “powder sounds quite similar to dry shampoo”, well, not really. Dry shampoos have become increasingly trendy and pretty much engulfed the market over the past few years – although they do serve similar purposes there are several differences amongst them (cue in table below)

Difference Powder Dry Shampoo
Ingredients Only few simple ingredients ranging from pure cornstarch etc. Can consist of many different chemicals + aerosol propellants
Price Range Inexpensive & good for sparing use
(volume) vs(d):
Might Cure Dandruffs? 🤔 Surprisingly has amazing benefits against it

So, powder doesn’t just work like any other product on your hair like how many people often believe.

Now that we know all about powders benefits let’s move onto the best way of applying these powdered blessings without making a tonne mess!

The Simple Way – Sprinkle It Directly Onto Scalp & Rub Away The Excess

This is particularly great if you’re low on time or maybe cash. Simply sprinkle some baby powder directly onto your scalp wherever needed, massaging gently before combing away excesses with fingertips until evenly blended throughout scalp/hair.

If lacking in natural light inside/ cramped up space is your problem then worry not; sectioning hair into parts are always better when trying to apply something (like powder) generously throughout the hair

DIY Powder Spray

If you’re into DIY (and possibly even saving some money), then making a dry shampoo spray might be worth trying! Simply mix cornstarch, essential oils (optional but nice sensory add-on 😉) and vodka in a small bottle or container with sprayer nozzle. Shake well before spraying onto your scalp/hair whenever needed – perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

Brush Away The Excess Anytime

After applying/showering off that powder sitting on your locks for an extended amount of time can cause build-up/suffocating effects to sebum & other nourishing properties trapped underneath – this is why brushing away excess powder throughout the day will help give your tresses room to breathe!

There are different types of powders available specifically created for their benefits/themes they target:

Cocoa Powder: Adding More Life To Your Darker Hair Tones 🍫

Yes, if chocolate wasn’t good enough already – now it’s great for our hair too! Many people with darker tones have mentioned how cocoa-based powders have illuminated & added more life back into their hair color tone. Sounds like another excuse for treating ourselves by indulging in some silky-smooth hot cocoas 😛🙊

Chamomile/Turmeric Powder: Lightening Effect On Locks💡

Although lightening effect varies from person-to-person try cinnamon/turmeric/chamomile powder to enhance blonde/rustic tones naturally without heading over any chemicals/modernized methods (humanity still appreciates going green!)

Beet/Juice/Carrot/Acai Berry Powder: Enriching Nutrients For Healthier Tresses 💪

As surprising as it sounds these fruit/vegetable-based powders do not only promote healthy-eating goals but also deeply nourish our locks. Mix any one of these in your shampoo/shower routine and see the results for yourself!💆‍♀️

It’s important to remember that moderation is everything, meaning don’t overdo powder application or you might forget what having healthy-looking hair-lines looks like…and no one wants to get booted off a Zoom call because of a powder explosion mishap 🤣

In conclusion, powders have been around since forever (ok….maybe over hundreds of years ago) but their benefits aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. From reductions in frequent washing required/allowing natural oils/sebum to nailing those soapy dandruffs – it’s pretty easy to say we’ve made an amazing discovery. So next time whenever you’re dealing with greasy-hair days/confusing which brand’s dry-shampoo will work/despite once-a-week wash 𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘱? Remember: Powder got y’all covered from every angle 💁‍♀️

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