Is peapod free?

If you’re anything like me, you love a good bargain. Saving money is basically a hobby! So, when I heard about Peapod, my first question was – is it free? Because if it’s not, what’s the point of using it?

Well folks, let me tell you – the answer isn’t as simple as yes or no. Allow me to elaborate.

What even is peapod?

Before we get into this whole “is it free?” debate, let’s make sure we know exactly what Peapod is.

Peapod is an online grocery delivery service that brings your groceries right to your doorstep (or kitchen if you’re feeling fancy). You can shop for all sorts of goodies on their website and have them delivered at a time that works for you. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

Okay but seriously. Is it free?

Short answer – nope! Unfortunately for us frugal folks out there (and really anyone who likes things to be easy and cost-effective), Peapod does come with some fees attached.

There are different types of fees depending on where you live and how much you order (more on that in a bit). But generally speaking, here are some costs associated with using Peapod:

  • Delivery fee
  • Fuel surcharge fee
  • Driver tip (optional but recommended)

Let’s break these down.

The delivery fee

This one might seem like a no-brainer. Of course there’s going to be a fee for delivering your groceries straight to your home! And while this may vary based on location and other factors, expect to pay around $10 per delivery from Peapod.

Is $10 worth avoiding having to brave grocery store crowds? That depends on how much value you place on staying sane in public places…

Fuel surcharge

Here comes the sciencey part (puts lab coat on). Since Peapod’s delivery trucks are using gas to get your groceries to you, it makes sense that they’d want to pass some of that cost onto the consumer.

Enter the fuel surcharge fee. This one typically ranges from $2 – $10, depending on things like gas prices and how far away you live from the nearest warehouse.

Driver tip

Finally, we come to everyone’s favorite – tipping! If you choose to tip your Peapod driver (which is certainly appreciated), expect to shell out around $5 for that service.

Of course, tipping isn’t mandatory but you should consider doing so because these drivers work hard lugging bags of groceries all day!

Can I avoid fees?

If reading about all those fees has given you a headache (or a heart attack when you saw how much everything adds up), fear not! There are still ways to save money when using Peapod.

Firstly, if this is your first time using their service then look out for any deals or promotions – sometimes they have offers for free deliveries or discounts off your total order amount with promo codes.

Another way of saving big bucks is by making sure that two important factors are in check: what time slot/day do I book my delivery and also keeping an eye on minimum order amounts required per area.

Booking tips

Peapod offers different pricing options based on whether it’s peak/off-peak hours as well as days thus booking at less busy times can help reduce costs due less demand… perfect if penny pinching!

So trade those late night Netflix binges for online grocery shopping instead (lightbulb moment)… actually who am kidding? Do both!

Minimum orders

Many regions have a minimum ordering amount requirement specified like in Chicago which requires at least $30 . So ensure matching up requirements stipulated within respective areas as lower orders may lead towards higher overall delivery costs.

One sneaky little way of staying within budget? Try using price comparison tools like Google Shopping or Amazon Pantry to ensure you order cheaper when possible from Peapod and get the most bang for your buck. It’s a secret only us deal seekers know about!


So, back to our original question – is Peapod free?

We now know better that it comes with some fees attached but whether this service is right for you really depends on what’s important to you (and how tight your budget is)… no judgement here if you prefer getting your steps in by shopping at retail stores either!

At any rate, we hope this guide helped shed some light onto the cost aspect which should help decision making process become more informed… atleast enough to make us feel good about treating ourselves once in a while without maxing out credit cards!