Is patanjali amla juice good for hair?

If you’re anything like me, your hair is your crowning glory. (Actually, I take that back – my glorious mustache is probably what sets me apart from the pack). But seriously, if there’s one thing we all want in our lives it’s thick, healthy locks.

Which brings us to today’s topic: Patanjali Amla Juice. This product has been making waves lately in the beauty world as a possible solution to all of our hair problems. But before you go rushing out to buy a bottle… let’s take a closer look at what it actually does (or doesn’t do).

What is Patanjali Amla Juice?

For those not familiar with Ayurvedic medicine – this juice may seem like something straight out of Hogwarts’ potions class. In reality though, it’s a popular herbal tonic made from Indian gooseberries (Amla).

According to proponents of Ayurvedic medicine, regular consumption of this magical elixir reportedly helps improve digestion and has anti-aging properties which help lessen wrinkles and fine lines on the face while stimulating collagen production.

So perhaps not as far-fetched or magic-like as first thought!

How Does It Benefit Your Hair?

You may be surprised by how adding drinking Patanjali Amla juice can have such strong effects on improving both scalp health & overall sleekness:

Increases Circulation

One key ingredient that makes Patanjali Amla juice so effective is iron which elevates the hemoglobin level in blood thus increasing oxygen supply throughout the body including vital organs resulting in improved circulation leading promoting hair growth..

Rich Source of Vitamin C

A study conducted at Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology stated “Besides tocopherols other components also had significant effect on increased proliferation rates observed after treatment with Emblica officinalis”. (Psst – that’s Amla juice)

Strengthens Hair

Contain properties that help promote thicker hair including flavonoids, tannins and some of the B vitamins present in combination like a lovely herbal cocktail. In addition to reducing breakages by fortifying the strands as well as being good for dandruff.

How to Use Patanjali Amla Juice on Your Hair?

Now you’re convinced this wondrous tonic is worth a try – here’s how best it can be used:

  • As an After-Shampoo Rinse: Dilute 2 tsp of Patanjali Amla Juice with approx. 200 ml water after shampooing your hair, apply all over length/between roots & ends.
  • Leave-in Treatment: Mix equal parts Aloevera Gel& Patanjali Amla juice adding few drops of essential oil.(optional) Then either massaging onto scalp before bed or sprayed throughout your locks which will strengthen them.

Pro tip: For those who are short on time but still want all the benefits from using Patanjali’s Aloe Vera/Pure Almond Oil / Keratin Masque (Available at StyleCraze), using 1 cup water “Infusing” together helps combine ingredients designed for smooth silky hair feeling clean refreshed longer!

Are There Any Downsides?

Nothing in life is perfect, even something touted as wonderful for hair. So, what could go wrong? Well…

Strong Taste

For starters, let’s address one common complaint about consuming amla juice…the taste! Many describe it as..ummm… an acquired taste (Although Ayurvedic harp on “getting used to”).

You may prefer mixing some honey/ginger into your glass first so put-off will be reduced until get accustomed/poisoned tp the flavour..

If consuming plain just not possible, try adding Patanjali Amla Juice to a smoothie bowl as opposed to sipping like traditional apple juice.

Weird Smell

Another issue is smell – it’s not exactly the most pleasant aroma that’ll hit you upon opening the bottle, but once applied & rinsed out leaves hair smelling great. Consider giving your locks some TLC by washing with an enticingly scented herbal shampoo afterwards

Final Verdict: Should You Try It?

After reviewing all of Patanjali Amla juice’s benefits on hair…I’m ready to give this ancient holistic booster a go myself! Clearly there’s no downside to drinking a glass of natural goodness every day or trying new leave-on concoctions either (and who doesn’t love discovering new things body-care products?)

So why not make enhancing shine & thickness part of your routine too? I say grab some garlic and weave it into my hops-infused heat protectant-mousse for good measure!

What are y’all waiting for? Your hair deserves these nutrients from ancient medicine!!

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