Is osteoarthritis painful all the time?

Osteoarthritis is a condition that damages the joints in our body, leading to pain and stiffness. It’s a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, but how exactly does it work? Is osteoarthritis painful all the time or just occasionally? Let’s dive into this topic (pun intended) and find out!

What is Osteoarthritis?

First things first – what even is osteoarthritis, you ask? Well, it’s a degenerative joint disease that mostly occurs in older people (sorry boomers). Basically, as we age or due to overuse of specific parts of our bodies like athletes or dancers do can lead to wear and tear on the cartilage around our bones. This eventually leads to inflammation as there isn’t enough cushion left and delightfully escalates into chronic long term pain.

How Does It Happen?

Let me give you an analogy: Think about your car tires without their layer of rubber buffer…now imagine driving with nothing between your wheels and the pavement. Initially everything would be fine but soon enough potholes will appear resulting in damage to your vehicle suspension. Similarly with arthritis once there isn’t any cartilage remaining then they become bone on bone which caues excruciating​ distress within no time.

Once this type of damage happens it ain’t fixing itself! Instead swelling occurs because more blood flow means more supplies delivered for tissues repairing process thus enlarges otherwise normal extracellular space by creating unnaturally larger articular surfaces covered only by soft tissue making movement agonizingly challenging needing medical intervention ranging from over counter medication through physiotherapy sessions with specialist or worst case scenario – surgery.

Can You Describe The Pain?

Okay well have you ever been hit from behind so suddenly ? Just as unexpected sharp stabbing sensation followed seconds later by rising pressure seeming to secrete the pain around entire area? Now imagine feeling that lingering through out even periods of rest like trying to fall asleep where you can feel every single minuscule movement from your pillow or blanket?

Pain caused by osteoarthritis affects joints typically after someone walks up down, twist their bodies or sustained any other physical activity related to certain region with those movements causing tissues/muscles around it to experience inflamation.

To summarize in simple words; Osteoarthritis hurts continuously but aggravates significantly during ​performances​ as they create a stress on already sore body parts. Certainly some people may get relief if they switch positions often and others may not be affected until after prolonged standing sessions.

What Can You Do About It?

Well, this is where things become complicated. There are many treatments for arthritis – medications, therapies, exercise regimes etc., but all have different levels of success since results vary depending on individual cases whether it’s taking tablets such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), using ice packs several times a day at home then gong in for physioresappirgy sessions– hoping for respite.

Moderate exercises like walking swimming few lengths aimned at keeping ends levitated help plus maintaining healthy weight also aids reducing joint pressure so watch what consumptions do to maintain both wellbeing and optimal quality-of-life activities .

In extreme circumstances surgery becomes an option when targeted regions fail healing potential.\

When Should Surgery Be Considered?

When increased damage has occurred ie chronic injurydue irregular biomechanics being genetic occurrence defective cartilage resulted succumbing sharp pain requiring prolonged usage over-the-counter medication along with changing lifestyle habits- surgical intervention remains sole solution which lasts lifelong ending long suffering saga given post operative care tips.

All pun intended, arthritis will not disappear without intervention its better taking initiative today than regret tomorrow hence life style adjustments since not all arthritis types treatable but progression can be minimised by keeping mobility and other parameters in check whilst looking after oneself.

So there you have it, osteoarthritis is a painful condition that lasts indefinitely. However, the severity of the pain can vary depending on many factors such as medicine intake, physical exertion etc., and varies from individual to individual regardless thereof Osteoarthritis isn’t something we want wishing into anyone’s life!

||Normal joint|Extreme Joint With Osteoarthritic Changes|
|Bone|Smooth Surface Area|Roughed/Sculptured Edges And Spikes​|
|Cartilage Spaces Between Bones (Intervening tissue) |Cushioned/Buffering Exists |Eventually Wears(Absence Injure Surfaces With Increased Utilization) |
|This Increases The Space That Tissues Flows Within Which Expand||

For more information about arthritis or treatments, consult a qualified medical professional…or Google search like everyone else!

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