Is oily skin sensitive skin?

If you’re reading this article, you probably have oily skin and are wondering if it also qualifies as sensitive. Well, sit back, relax, and grab some blotting sheets because we’re about to dive into the world of oily AND sensitive skin.

What is Oily Skin?

First off, let’s define what it means to have oily skin. Oily skin produces excess sebum, which is a fancy way of saying oil. This can lead to clogged pores and breakouts since the excess oils trap dirt and bacteria on your face like a cozy little bed-and-breakfast.

People with oily skin often deal with acne or larger pores than normal because their skin is over-producing these natural oils.

What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin may sound self-explanatory but bear with me here – Sensitive skin refers to when your normal-dry/oil balance is outta whack — leading your complexion to experience issues from irritation, itching or reactions based on product ingredients that one might normally be able to use without issue flips table

A number of reasons exist for why someone would develop sensitive-skin such as genetics (thank mom & dad), contact allergies from products being used in combination causing over-reaction Irritation by factors around us such as smoke/pollution or even weather change!

Let’s Talk About How They Can Co-Exist!

So now we got a clear idea about the two main culprits tha trouble every beauty enthusiast ever born…But hey wait How come someone couldn’t just be blessed enough finding another alternative instead of dealing with both conditions simultaneously? Life really ain’t fair fellas #sobbingemoji

Well here’s were things get tricky ..Because believe it or not..having OILY SKIN does not necessarily mean that it qualifies under THE LIST for SENSTIVE SKIN.

But hold on a second, I’m not saying that oily skin can’t also be sensitive.

Oily Skin vs Sensitive Skin vs Combination Skin

Understanding how much % of Dry or Oil Concentration we have in our Follicles would give us the clear idea as to which category do you belong to :..Snore-worth? Yeah i thought so too. So why don’t we take it up a notch and talk about combo of these 3 infamous types and how they co exist! ( now thats what im talking bout gurl)

Combination skin being one that has areas of both dryness AND oil – Don’t confuse yourself with “Dry but Oily/Sensitive” claims made by random people on insta waves her fake certification like an expensive fidget spinner

But kidding aside, while it’s most common for those with combination skin to experience sensitivity rather than just oily-skinned folks alone.

In fact many studies showcase same including possible connections between hormonal factors such as genetics/hormones & sensitization of sebaceous glands causing excess oil production…makes perfect sense right?

However here’s were things ain’t always this black n white . Because While some individuals may suffer from both oily and sensitive skin together these conditions might also ever-so often work hand in hand with each other exacerbating acne severity leading-again yet another concern: Acne-prone-sensitive-oily-skin!!!Cue dramatic music!

How Can You Tell if Your Oily Skin is Also Sensitive?

Great question my curious child…While A number of symptoms overlap between oily skin and sensitive ,here certain signs might point out the latter one:

Irritation/Itchiness :

If your face feels irritated or itchy easily after using new products or taking a new diet change there are chances that your Sebaceous glands had picked up sensitized state making them over react to even slightest of the changes we follow in our routine.

Stinging/Burning :

Applying certain skin care products or PPE on your gentle face might lead to a burning sensation which is blaring sign of over sensitive skin!


If facial redness becomes a daily struggle then it’s safe to say that you are geared more towards having Sensitive Skin. In addition, try and keep note if this becomes a frequent pattern with particular ingredients such as Salicylic Acid/Fragrance causing reactions , coz ain’t no one gonna remember all that by heart yo adds everything on notes app

And last but certainly not least there’s number


Pardon me while I organize funeral for every teenager out there!

But in all honesty wheeewww…if ya got yourself stuck here, hanging somewhere between oily&Skin sensitivity it could be tough ride …

Tips For Managing Oily & Sensitive Skin

So may seem quite overwhelming when reading through these two categories and realizing exactly how they overlap- making you feel like an oil slick explosion waiting to happen #Dramaqueenalert . But Do Not Panic ! There’s hope my dear friends.(cue melodious background music). Here are some tips to help manage oily AND sensitive skin (without losing your mind):

  1. Start Small:
    Speaking From experience make sure to add new product into routine slowly rather than going full throttle from day one so that if anything goes sideways (which surely will because life ) damage control would be easier :))

  2. Achieve Balance:
    Keep An eye for PH Balanced Products Rather Grabbing That Current Trendy Organic Oil cleanser -which contains Elements Your Skin wouldn’t normally prefer leading sebaceous glands falling off balance yet again hello acne!!

3.Skip(OR WARN) On Harsh Ingredients:
Stay away from anything containing obvious skin irritants! Like fragrance/ sulfate ,keep an eye on alcohol based toners & try to avoid any potent dry masks

4.Keep Your Hands Off! :
Don’t touch your face so often….really start treating him like a fancy egg you want for your sunday brunch #yamediocre . This is where tools come in handy – grab a cleansing tool or disposable cotton pad if needed.

5.Wash/Pat DRY:
No, not wipe vigorously till you see no evidence of dampness just yet!. If your New year Goals include: Wash +Pat Dry It- Try lukewarm water to wash and than baby pat with fresh cotton towel.

After All said And Done Just Remember – No Skin Type Is Perfect..We all eventually have something itchy,burn-y etc about our ourselves #relatable#af

Happy tackling these culprits folks !

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