Is novolog 70 30 long acting?

Novo-what now? If you just Googled “Is Novolog 70/30 long acting?” then congratulations, you’re officially a part of the diabetes club. And if you haven’t joined yet, well buckle up your sweet tooth armadillo because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

What is Novolog 70/30?

First things first, let’s talk about what exactly Novolog 70/30 is. It’s an insulin injection used by people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. Insulin, for those who don’t know, is a hormone made by the pancreas that helps convert glucose (a simple sugar derived from the food we eat) into energy that our bodies can use.

Novolog itself comes in different forms such as vials and pens but we’re looking at ‘NovoLog® Mix’ – which has both rapid onset and extended duration characteristics respectively taking place all-in-one single shot of medication with novolin n –an intermediate level of insulin generically called NPH-Neutral Protamine Hagedorn– insulin along synergistically spiking absorption rate increasing therapy compliance globally due to decreased number of shots per day – totally worth impressing your doctor! The ratio denotes how much of each there are in that mixture so ‘Novolog Mix’ contains two types of insulins:

  • Insulin lispro protamine
  • Insulin lispro solution

But Which One Lasts Longer Than My Last Relationship?

Ok ok getting down to business now ladybugs.. You may have heard terms like fast-acting insulin or slow-acting insulin thrown around. These refer specifically to how quickly they start working (their “onset”) and how long they keep working (their “duration”).

Here’s where it can get a little confusing…

Novolog is actually considered a mix of both rapid-acting and long-acting insulin. The 70/30 ratio stands for the percentage split between both insulins, which in this case, means that:

  • 70% – Rapid acting insulin lispro (Humalog)
  • 30% – Long acting protamine zinc-insulin lispro

Now, as far as the fast-acting portion goes, Novolog kicks in relatively quickly, typically within around 10 to 20 minutes. But on the other end of things, it’s only designed to last for about 11 –19 hours.

Wait…So Is Novolog Long Acting or Not?

The generic answer would be No! Howeverrrr calling NovoLog® Mix ‘long-lasting’ alone doesn’t entirely grasp its essence. Because even though it does contain an extended duration component — hence part of what it’s called ‘Intermediate Only Insulin’ -it has less than half the lasting capabilities compared to some genuinely “long-lasting” insulins like Lantus.

Moreover,because of novolin N infusion,it tends make BG drop at night instead..if you were browsing your fav pet memes until dawn hey no judgementshere… sometimes we all needs a tiny break.

To give credit where credit is due with regards to its mechanism and effects-RDCS,Rapid Diabetes Control Systems,generally advise utilizing them very carefully if T2D patients have more than one medical concern e.g.thyroid or hepatic issues-as prolonged usage isn’t advised then!

How Does It Work?

Without getting too scientific-y up in here (that is definitely not a word) let’s just say that Novolog works by mimicking how our body naturally produces and uses insulin. In other words:

  1. We shoot up with a dose of Novolog
  2. Our body starts breaking it down and absorbing it into our bloodstream
  3. The insulin lowers our blood sugar levels by helping glucose get out of the blood and into our cells where they can be used for energy.

So Why Does Everyone Care About Length?

Good question eagle eyes, bringing us back to the point: People track how long different insulins last because those durations affect how often one needs to inject themselves throughout the day.

And as we reviewed above about NovoLog® Mix -which despite ‘extended coverage’ around isn’t a so-called “long-lasting” solution- its dosage depends on patient individual responses, varying according their personal medical profiles thus requiring consulting with physicians for appropriate treatment planning!

What’s Better? Long Acting or Short?

Ah yes… To know whether ‘Long Acting’ or ‘Short Acting’ is better depends entirely on an individual’s unique circumstances! For some T1D & T2D patients who require insulin doses at multiple intervals each day but prefer fewer injections, protamine zinc-insulin lispro might sound like music from another world. To others needing faster solutions Humalog-type rapid attenuating would work better instead!

It all really boils (or shall I say bubbles?) down to what will make life easier/more comfortable in terms of administration ✨ compatibility ✨ storing condition(sleeveless cotton-top vs scuba diving gear)✨ & side effects tolerance among other things!

Final Thoughts

Is Novolog 70/30 long acting?

The answer may seem simple to some folks but after going through the details –it appears important not mislabeling these types of therapeutic agents without first checking your pancreas’s status; right “Nemo?” As always though, don’t take any informative cheesy summary-text you read on this virtual cloud platform as sacred output~ Instead, use this article as a starting point for your next couple of steps.

Keep turning that ?’s to a piece ✨ with each step, getting closer to optimal wellness! Happy reading and let us know in the comment section if any berry bloop blips raise questions or not-so-questionable giggle fits.

“…Sincerely yours at the Endocrine Funny farm-meds WITH benefits!”