Is nos bad for you energy drink?

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to live life on the edge? Well, wonder no more because I’ve got just the thing for you! It’s an energy drink that promises pure exhilaration with every sip. Yes, my amigo, we’re talking about none other than NOS –– the energy drink that packs a punch like no other.

But hold your horses there cowboy! Before dashing off to grab yourself a can of this liquid dynamite, let’s take a closer look at what exactly NOS is and whether or not it’s bad for you!

What Is Nos Energy Drink?

NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) is an American brand of energy drinks manufactured by Hi-Ball Inc., which belongs to Monster Beverage Corporation. The name derives from nitrous oxide (NOx), commonly referred to as laughing gas in many countries.

In simple terms, NOS is basically rocket fuel disguised as an energy drink. Its ingredients boast such mouthwatering delights as caffeine, taurine and ginseng extract, but don’t let them fool you – this stuff isn’t meant for mere mortals.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Nitrous oxide was first discovered in 1772 by English chemist Joseph Priestley who coined its common name “laughing gas”?


Now let’s dive deep into the elixir itself ––the doozy potion responsible for making us feel hyper-energised and ready tackle everything life throws our way (at least until we crash soon after).


Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that’ll have your mind racing at breakneck speed. At present day context where coffee reigns supreme among millennials; its speculated effect may be drop-dead deadly if subjected to overconsumption.

Just one 16 oz can contain approximately 200mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to around 1.5 cups of coffee(Disclaimer : This may fluctuate across various formats and not fixed across all products). Recommended daily limits for intake are roughly 400 mg in healthy adults (and half that if one’s a pregnant woman or below the age of eighteen).


Taurine, an amino acid that’s typically found in meat and fish, is also included in NOS’s magical blend. Though there have been concerns over the ingredient being derived from either bull urine, bull reproductive organs or cavemen leftovers – it has no clear-cut evidence (different products specify different versions) ; and happens to be safe.

More interestingly however the benefits Taurine provides includes reduced muscle fatigue; improved heart health along with better post-exercise recovery as well .It gets even more fun when you discover such other curious things about our friendly taurine friend for instance- “ It enhances bile solubility by forming robust mixed micelles”.

The amount of taurine present can vary depending on each serving size but fear not ––quantity remains generally between 1000 mg-2000 mg.

Sugar & Calories

Of course what would any energy drink be without a bit of sugar? Sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup do add some extra calories into your diet via this drink (42g per can) which could lead you down to ‘sweet death’ after consistent consumption; just sayin’.

Adverse Effects Of Nos Energy Drink

Surely something so packed up with energetic benefits must come with its downsides too right? Let’s find out more!

There are several possible adverse effects associated with energy drinks like NOS, including:


Consuming NOS can leave you wide awake even late at night , hence disturbing your natural sleep cycles .

Heart palpitations

The increase in blood pressure brought about by the caffeine and sugar may lead to abnormal heart palpitations.


As one may expect, the jitters that can accompany consuming too much caffeine or taurine can cause anxiety in many people.


Caffeine headache is a sincere medical syndrome affecting your victims if they consume NOS excessively. The headaches caused by overconsumption could be catastrophic for an individual and show severe symptoms like migraines .

How Much Nos Energy Drink Is Safe To Consume?

Well, it goes without saying – anything consumed in large amounts can have adverse effects on anyone’s health.

As mentioned before typical intake of adults should not exceed 400 mg per day; and unfortunately (as the holy grail laws goes) increasing consumption of energy drinks has been associated with serious side effects such as cardiac arrest , seizures ; which means no good for one’s health status.

It’s always safe to start off light: beginning from small doses all through ( even lets say NO2 charge size? )

Some important tips one must consider before turning into full-blown neo- energy drink addict is as follows :

  1. Limiting daily intake amount – Don’t forget! Stay within limits.
  2. Alternative sources : Consumption of energy boosting foods like fruits vegetables different types of nuts would go a long way in energizing you .
  3. Addiction possibility – Remember these things are addictive, next thing you know your entire house starts smelling like NOS junkie party bereft of its charm when sobered up.
  4. Dosages varies across varieties & brands –One needs scan carefully through labels backside quoted information for factual understanding & dosage estimation
  5. Pregnancy category – Aspire to shift gears at that point as most studies indicate suggest pregnant women refraining consumption especially towards final trimester .
Disclaimer : It’s best firstly consulting with physician beforehand whenever planning heavy or frequent usage isn’t recommended.

Who Should Drink Nos Energy Drink?

A well-reasoned question most folks may ask is who can benefit from NOS energy drink, to avoid getting side-tracked and wasting your precious time; let me tell you- ANYBODY! Yes that’s right, it isn’t for gym rats, sports stars or even the bloodthirsty caffeine freaks.

From an ecstatic college student cramming last minute or entrepreneur burning both ends of candle working on startup projects all night long – anyone seeking extra shazam in their life could use a neat pick me up.

In closing ––I hope this guide gives you plenty of fun details about NOS Energy Drinks ! Remember , everything done in moderation should be safe ; same applies as with our panacea which delivers mind-swirling yet heart-palpitating goodness. Until next time amigos—stay hydrated & safe!

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