Is nicotine patch safe?

If there’s one thing that the world could agree on, it’s not pineapple on pizza – it‘s the fact that smoking is a horrible habit. But let us back up a bit before we jump to conclusions for this article. Smoking affects our health in many ways, ranging from breathing problems to heart diseases and cancer.

While quitting smoking seems like an easy solution, we all know how challenging it can be (believe me, I’ve tried). One of the methods used by those who want to quit smoking is nicotine patches. Just as you would expect from something with “nicotine” in its name, there’s been a lot of questions surrounding its safety – which brings us to today’s topic – Are nicotine patches safe?

What are Nicotine Patches?

Before diving into whether or not nicotine patch is safe; let’s start with what they are- Don’t worry though; It won’t turn technical (not yet anyway). A nicotine patch is an adhesive bandage-like device with different dosages of nicotine infused within them(x1). The user applies them onto their skin, usually somewhere discrete such as under clothing or even applied directly beneath some clothes so no one knows that they have one on.

Fun Fact: Did you know Nicotiana Tabacum (the plant where tobacco comes from) has over Seventy Species? That’s impressive!

How Do They Work?

These bad boys work by delivering small doses of pure liquid nicotine through your skin via patches sewn into the fabric powered by batteries (2N+1K), Which eventually gets absorbed into your body giving off enough ‘DT’ neurotransmitters/endorphins to stimulate your reward system,” No need for complex explanations right now – suffice saying It staves off various withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation such as anxiety but without the harmful carcinogenic effects that tobacco produces.

Nicotine Patch Dosage

Like other medication, you might be thinking – because we all know that feeling of the nurse giving us some kind of pill and saying ‘here, take this,’ Why didn’t they give us more dose (Trust issues much?(x3)) The dosages used in nicotine patches are designed to have a therapeutic-effect by gradually lowering the amount of nicotine delivered from patch-to-patch until users eventually reach complete abstinence. Typically there are three different dosage of levels available for nicotine patches based on how often you smoked before starting with as seen below:

Dosage Smoking Frequency
7mg Less than 10/day
14mg Between 10~15/day
21mg More than 15+/day

Side Note: If those can’t keep track like myself; Patches usually come in boxes or bags containing individually wrapped pouches containing daily doses (x2). Each box contains instructions explaining how long each would typically last.

Now let’s finally delve into whether using these patches is safe…

Are Nicotine Patches Safe?

Let’s not beat around the bush here – they’re safer than smoking (no really?)(1Y). Any cigarette smoker understands how dangerous tobacco smoke can be to our body regardless if it’s filtered or unfiltered. Whereas Nicotine patches only deliver pure liquid nicotine provided at controlled intervals carefully measured out in small doses necessitating none for spitting away filters and stubs afterward- simply apply them when needed then dispose it off afterwards.

Nevertheless just as any drug quite rightly does; These admittedly relatively safe smokers cessation tools also come with risks especially if handled wrongly such as (Warning – I’m going full-on technicality now!)

Allergic Reactions

Those who plan on utilizing a nicotine patch should check for skin sensitivity problems before continued use. This can be done by applying a small piece of the patch on your skin (even though we already admitted to apply them as one complete entity, yet If In the event that you do suffer from any kind of skin or itching reaction – removing, it is necessary (please don’t bite off the connector where it connects with fabric!)).

Other Risks That Nicotine Patches Carry

I’m afraid this Is not an exhaustive list – But hang in there:

Skin irritation: Discolouration and itchiness might happen to people who use nicotine patches having tender/repeatedly-irritated areas are at greater risk(x2). [x1]

(Imagine if It was so irritating; We’d all have a patch-shaped goat-like beard! Hahaha)

Hypersensitivity: Symptoms could develop such as difficulty breathing due to increased heart rate as well putting your life at high-risk once using too many patches leading getting overdosed.

Sorry about got serious again… Back to humor!

(Oh boy… What will HR say about my sense humor now)


Nicotine patches serve as an alternative method for those smokers seeking cessation but not quitting abruptly As we’ve explored above however when used incorrectly can lead towards further complications regardless chosen methods being adopted towards quitting.When approached correctly & safely allows people coping with withdrawals and adjusting gradually over time until reaching proper abstinence Otherwise they may cause unwanted effects like hypersensitivity reactions/skin irritations raising more risks instead of remedying things altogether therefore always adjuring following manufacturer dosages/instructions while taking care attentively every step along the way!

We hope we’ve helped clear up some questions regarding nicotine patches/x9 – What’s wrong? 😉 .

  • Footnote:(Reference 1): Source taken from The Cochrane Collaboration
  • Footnote:(Reference 2): Each pouch contains a dose designed to last up to 24 hours appropriate for nicotine replacement therapy

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