Is nexium bad for your heart?

Let’s face it, we all love our food. And when that spicy pizza arrives at your doorstep, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of tearing into a delicious slice or four. It’s hard to resist that fiery kick that ensconces every bite and makes you feel alive! But sometimes even with the joy comes some pain – heartburn, acid reflux – yeah I see you nodding your head knowing exactly what am talking about!

Nowadays, antacids have become an entire section in drug stores. One name stands out from the lot- Nexium.

But wait, is this trusty medication really safe? Given the not-so-subtle warning buried somewhere in a leaflet among other unintelligible phrases such as ‘take 2 tablets daily’ ‘do not exceed recommended doses’ and ‘gobbledygook‘, what are its risks?

Can this miracle for acidity give way to heart conditions instead ?

What is Nexium (use simple words)?

Before getting into specifics of how Nexium works on your esophagus and stomach let me break down its uses for us non-medical humans:

Nexuim belongs to a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors(PPIs). PPIs work by reducing gastric acid production in stomach lining which results in less acidity reacting against esophagus tissues while consuming spicier junk food without paying lip service later! So basically Nexium stops you from experiencing gastrointestinal issues by controlling acid creation levels.

PHEW ! thank goodness so much jargon avoided already. Begone Complex terminology!!

Short-term use

In prescribed dosages under medical supervision , Nexum(Esomeprazole) has been considered one of the best methods relieving indigestion .Its fast acting formula gives relief from burning sensation quickly hence using short term may be no cause for concern.

However, as with most things in life, long term usage requires more nuanced observations which brings us to the proverbial elephant-in-the-room :

Is Nexium bad for your heart?

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of mortalities worldwide. Regular Nexium consumption could you put at risk according to some studies. It is suggested that PPIs trigger and support potential cardiovascular causes such as:

Side Effects (You Knew This Was Coming)

Yes, taking too much Nexium(over 14 days continuously long-term including without prescription) can pose a threat to your health like many other medications.So what exactly are its adverse effects?

  1. Digestive Problems-Whenever you reduce stomach acid production using medication continually ,it might lead to indigestion especially in senior adults

  2. Increased Fractures–Older postmenopausal women who use PPIs have been shown by recent studies indicates increased risks already being susceptible towards fractures.

3.Hypomagnesaemia-Low levels pf magnesium has been reported because if overuse during clinical trials with people absorbed large amounts of Nexium orally endangering their metabolism process and cardiac repercussions thereof.

4.Kidney problems – We are not always aware how medicine intake affects other functions occurring within our bodies keeping oneself hydrated can avoid these complications .

5.Stunted recovery-Ultimately through operating on body’s physiological composition and modifying enzyme secretion in attempt halt further harm,harmful results found a struggle restoring normalcy.

6.Arrhythmia – The chaos inherent when timed electrical impulses mishandle causing irregularity hasn’t escaped effect lasting upto several weeks resulting from continued use

It’s important to comprehend that no drug comes without side-effects but it aids knowing them before any ill effects occur.Healthy balancing and consciousness about each pill popping tantrum provide longevity boost energy ensuring wellness.Taking medication using under medical supervision as proscribed minimizing potential risks.

Mortality Rate

One study listed out Nexium and other PPIs as a factor or risk when it comes to the mortality rate of patients who use them long-term. However, correlation doesn’t always equal causation, so take that with some salt (just not too much, if you have heartburn)

In our fast pacing lives,it’s easy swiping those pills popping them like sweet-candies but do not sacrifice your life in name of expediency!

What are the safer alternatives?!

As anyone can tell you by scrolling pages over internet content regarding leading healthy lifestyles reducing spicy intake and looking for better dietary habits which promote less bloating,baseline alimentary system stay glowing while decreasing necessity of medicines.

Consulting health care provider before embarking on any new medicine usage recognizing proper doses helps maintaining aptitudes without taking undue weight against overall longevity

Take Away
Nexium used short term may be one hell-of-a-medicine come time changing daily diet to reflect healthier habits.Long-term overuse is what we need avoid since correlated incidence cardiovascular damage.Impromptu indulging isn’t worth sacrificing pace hindered amidst newfound body troubles.So reduce burning sensation eating spicier food curb digesting problems increasing water consumptions regular exercise could leach towards freedom from each pill-popping habituation!

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