Is mylanta still on the market?

Are you one of those people who believe that Mylanta has vanished into thin air? Or are you just curious about its current status in the market? Look no further, because we have all your pressing questions answered right here.

What is Mylanta?

Before we dive into whether or not it’s still available, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly we’re talking about. For starters, Mylanta is an off-the-counter (OTC) medication used for treating symptoms of acid indigestion, heartburn and gas. It works by neutralizing excess stomach acid to relieve discomfort associated with these conditions.

A Historical Perspective

One might assume that if this stuff worked so well once upon a time, it should still be around today…right??? Well sorry Charlie!- That’s not always true in life but definitely NOT true when it comes to medicine! Are you saying why!? Drugs can expire- both literally i.e., Physically beginning to degrade & also metaphorically i.e., losing their relevance due to more effective medications replacing them!

Back in the day etched forevermore as 1953 (Yep..That Long!!!)MYLANTA was first introduced by the Whitehall Labs Company originated by chemist Arnold Haudenschild!. Many name changes occurred along with some high stake acquisitions.Today,MYLANTA ULTRA( not mistaken for Underworld Characters-Unfrtunately they don’t make our stomach feel good like MYALNTA Did Preiously !),owned&manufacturedby Infirst Healthcare USA LLC,is responsible for turning things upside down(But baabaa there’s no chaos.MYLANTA Ultra is trying creates problem-solving transformations!)in heartburn world![^1]

Sooooo…Is It Still Available???

We wouldn’t elaborate paragraphs after paragraphs unnecessarily if THE answer was “Nope!”. So voila, MYLANTA is in fact, still very much on the market. You can purchase it from many retail stores such as Walgreens and CVS. Usually found at the shelf neatly tucked away in its signature white bottle with green lettering.

Do they sell different varieties of Mylanta?

If you were a fan of one specific type of Mylanta back in the day, be assured that even now there are different types available for people’s liking (because apparently having only ONE option just would not suffice!)

Regular Strength Liquid:

This version of the medication offers mild relief for heartburn and indigestion symptoms.Helps reduce bloating caused by excess gas and settle an upset stomach.(well signs like burping,get out of here!!!) This variety contains a low dosage 300mg aluminum hydroxide/600mg magnesium hydroxide per 5ml dose.[^2]

Maximum Strength Liquid:

Feeling like your regular strength liquid isn’t cutting it anymore? Don’t worryo- we’ve got you covered. If Standard issue MYLANTAUltra doesn’t float your boat,Mylanta MAXIMUM STRENGTHliquid promises to fight off everything.Max power Is equal to Max Consistency-No more Cringe worthy After food convos while our Intestines are feeling Host More(Oh God Why ME!). It packs quite literally,doublethe amountof active ingredients comparedtoRegularMyalntaLiquid offering twice stronger neutralizing powers!1

Chewable Tablets:

Sometimes swallowing pills invokes nausea or other similar discomforts.Maybe pill(s) size isasbigasyourfist or maybeyoujustdonthavethepatiencetotakeMorepills!Look no further,fellow friend since MYALNTA CHEWABLE TABLETS have arrived &ARE going strong . They do not require water;all you need to do is chew them, and you’re good to go!(yes,you get rid of water dependency once&for all!!). They contain Active ingredients: 200mg calcium carbonate and are sugar-free 2.

Gas Minis Softgels:

This new introduction to Mylanta promises to address the root cause of heartburn i-e Gas while also relieving common acid reflux symptoms like bloating,digestive discomforts etc.The mini soft gels offer on- the -go relief whenever required.After a tiring day at work when most people come back home & just want to relax,GAS MINIS SOFTGELS wanna join.i.e Chill whilst they tendaddressing your digestive battles!. It contains 100mg simethicone offering fast acting pain relief.3

Why Was There Such A Distrust For Mylanta To Existence?

The skepticism around belief emerged primarily because in mid-2019, Johnson & Johnson(J&J) one top player decidedof stop production for its very popular, alcohol-based antacid MYLICON(different from MYLANTA–let’s not confuse ourselves!)For context,Mylacon was reportedlyon shelves since early1970s.By selling MYALNTA. Infirst Healthcare USA LLC took over the establishment eliminating competitor from market.No longer ableto purchase Mylicon everyone seemed concernsif treatments offered by same companyin presentwould vanish too? The answer proved quite clear as above!


And there you have it folks! You no longer need to wonder if THE life-saving medication that cured your indigestion woes way back when still exists. Now that we know our all-time fave medication,Mylantahas celebrated history dating more than halfcentury,&isavailableindifferentforms catering diverse needs.(slight sidenote:we wouldn’t suggest fasting for three days straight thenaskingregularstrengthliquidtomake things Best Again!!)Remember, MYLANTA is still readily available in stores- so buy it and say goodbye to all those indigestion pains once and for all!




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