Is my recorded voice my real voice?

Recorded voice, ah! There are some questions in your life that you never thought about before someone asks you. This is one such question. Do not worry; we have got your back to sum up everything for you here.

What is a recorded voice?

To put it simply, a recorded voice is the sound wave of our speaking pattern captured and converted into digital format by recording equipment like mics, phones or computers.

You really did not know that? But how else can I start this article then?

Alright alright! Let us jump straight into the hot topic.

Is my recorded voice my real voice?

Yes AND No

We all identify ourselves with our natural voices, which we hear every day through bone conduction and other mechanisms while speaking, communicating or singing – Yup even when whistling too!.

However there is an auditory experience dissonance between hearing yourself via air vibrations versus when listening to a playback on headphones or speakers. Our internal perception of the way our vocal cords sound differs significantly from its external transmission so much so that most people do not recognize their own voices if they were played back as recordings (“What Sorcery!!”)

So yes your recorded voice sounds different because it’s produced by two different sources- Internal/Natural & External Playback medium(s).

It does take time to get used to but eventually “Your Voices will unify” forgive me for being poetic here but trust me!

I cannot stress this enough – If you ever try speaking after blocking off both ears completely⁠—we bet everyone except seals feel pretty silly doing that—you’ll notice instantly how weirdly unnerving it becomes due to sensing lack of feedback signals (Some call it “Bone Conduction”)

And fun fact(a): Women usually tend to improve faster than men in accepting their new-found inner self post repeated listenings !

Scientifically Speaking:

(We had to bring in some hardcore facts for our scientifically inclined readers!):

As we spoke earlier, everyone hears their own voice internally (throat/mouth) and externally(air vibration). When sound travels from the vocal cords it produces a frequency that differs based on your speaking pitch. The reason why you hear differently while listening to recordings/noise cancelling headphones is during these mediums of transmission the auditory system recognizes them as external stimuli , hence we tend to have difficulty accepting these new sounds produced by us.

(Moreover anatomically,loudspeakers influence resonance frequencies/ perceptions at different levels than human ear canal can operate– How cool do I sound !! Winks frantically)

Wait what about Hollywood actors?

Uh oh..Are You comparing yourself with A-listers now? As always George Orwell had predicted such inclination towards escapism over 70 years back : ” All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”.

Fun Fact(b): Stars use modulation techniques which helps tweak the way they pronounce words and talk; training even enables them to produce multiple accents effortlessly .

So unless you pretending your life isn’t real and instead an elaborate production then lets keep this question exclusively limited to normal populace!

In nutshell: Yes , Your recorded voice is no less authentic than REAL YOU unless youre a literal cyborg or alien who had imitated Earth residing human behavior (which damm would be freaking awesome).

Though Understanding how one speaks via physical feedback mechanisms like bone vibrations and exposure therapy does take time- It’s completely okay not grasping immediately.

And once again … Always remember ⁠—there’s nothing wrong with being YOU (including Your Vocal Cords), never let mistransmission affect your self-perception 😊

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