Is my chicken safe to eat?

If you’re asking yourself whether or not your chicken is safe to eat, then chances are you’ve already eaten it and are now experiencing some strange sensations in various parts of your body. Fear not, dear reader, for I am here to guide you through the murky depths of poultry safety.

What’s in a Label?

Let’s start with the basics – labels. It’s always a good idea to pay attention to what the label says before buying a whole, frozen or processed chicken at the supermarket.

  • Organic
    Organic chickens have had their freedom from antibiotics and other weird stuff ensured during their life-span on an organic farm.Therefore;

    • If that matters to you health-wise, go ahead and treat yourself.
    • However if it does not matter,you are probably better off grabbing another option.

Free Range
These birds had access outside barns under regulated conditions throughout production.This means:

  - These chicks most likely benefited from some exercise 
      - There slim chance that they caught bugs with landed them better flavoring

Lastly we have Kosher which simply put,is halal but only available in certain areas.Cool right?Who wouldn’t want something exotic (unless it goes against your faith).

Colour Check

Once you’ve got that bird home,it’s easy for paranoia™ kick-in.Funny thing is,this paranoia might end up being helpful this time aroundYou really don’t want things like E.coli giving unwanted comapnionship.So how can one identify whether its cooked well enough.Simply just check:

  • Color
    • Check the color of both meat and bones
      • For dark meats such as drumstick,a deep pink would indicate meat .
        Also note that unlike beef,chicken bone isn’t a characteristic of deciding when its rare cooked,similarly elminating the is only possible if the meat it self shows no trace of pink.
    • White Meat generally rides on lighter colours.
      Overall chicken should be brown when cooked well.

Smell Check

If you’re anything like me,you’ve probably got a blocked nose 90% of the time .This one check-up might prove to be tough for such people.However go ahead and give that chicken a sniff.Checking how fresh your Chicken smells will save you from food poisoning.Choices are:

  • Rotten
    If it smells really bad, chances unacceptable.

  • Metallic
    A faint metallic smell can come off iron present in blood.A stronger whiff warrants caution.

  • Fishy
    Can indicate spoilage..rare though but still good enough reason to exercise cautionary measures.

  • Clean
    No smell doesn’t necessarily mean its safe,be sure hit all the pointers before cooking away vigorously.

If its any consolation,I do not also believe in excuses.Trust nothing until all steps have been achieved,in this game we strive towards perfection.

Smoothen Up With Marinades

So if you’re now satisfied with our list,resist eating it raw ;we still need to cook it flawlessly.One way to kick things up nicely especially with grilled or baked chicken,is by adding some marinades.You get both improved taste as well as fighting-inflammation benefits.Certainly sounds like hitting birds two stones at once,right?

I’d wouldn’t just recommend combinations specifically,it’s actually safer grabbing recipe focusing mainly ion hygiene and ratio;

  • Ratio
    • Too much vinegar or acid fruits may break dwon protiens,during marination

Making use of ingredients such oil helps reduce this risk.For instance combining one part garlic paste,two parts olive oil,paprika,salt pepper along with fresh herbs)would provide better flavor without compromising protein breakdown properties .

Safe Temperatures

However once grilled,how are you going to know its done without having to slice half of the chunk?

Without having fancy cross-sectional view insights of proteins,piercing chicken with a thermometer will give you your best estimates.Here are safe temperature zones for chicken .

Temperature Duration
165°F instantly

Reheated leftovers however have a lower temp threshold.A warm leftover bird need only heat up to about 145°F.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve gone through all of these basic checkpoints,I certainly hope that you can stay confident when selecting and preparing chicken.These tips won’t guarantee dodging food poisoning altogether but at least they’ll definitely increase odds in your favour.Always enjoy your meals!