Is medication bad for you?

Are you afraid to take medication? Do you think it’s dangerous or unhealthy? Well, my dear reader, let’s have a heart-to-heart talk about the truth behind the risks and benefits of taking drugs.

The pill is like your last resort

Whether we truly need medications or not depends on various factors such as medical condition, severity of symptoms and other alternative treatments that may be available. Taking unnecessary pills can bring more harm than good.

But if you need it…

If there is no other option but to use medication, then why not go for it? Unlike snake oil salesmen who were popular in olden times (yes! these frauds are present even today) drugs are tested rigorously before they hit the market (you know what else is heavily tested – raw chicken; now that makes me sick). Before prescribing any medicine doctors take into account our health status and will be mindful of possible drug interactions with pre-existing conditions or other prescribed medicines.

So… What brings people back from death bed?

Medication – so please don’t fret (this much happens when an open bracket without its bestie closing bracket appears!). It cures diseases where cure might otherwise seem unattainable, controls blood pressure/cholesterol levels in cardiac patients preventing fatal heart attacks & strokes almost saving life altogether.

Serious side effects exist

There’s always a flipside though as positive results don’t come without some negatives spilling over into the mix: Side-effects can travel through long lists – starting from a headache to hallucinations! Many people experience minor side effects such as dizziness or dry mouth which usually stops after discontinuing usage whereas others may experience serious ones that require immediate cessation under doctor supervision

Now brace yourselves because I am going to shower upon your dull day with facts(a few unheard-of)

Pain Relievers Can Affect Your Hearing

I know what you’re thinking, and no it’s not just your mother-in-law complaining about your day-long chatter – Ibuprofen or similar over-the-counter pain relievers can cause hearing loss among the long-term users!

Opioids are dangerous but still prescribed

A 2017 report revealed that opioid overdoses killed more than 40k people in America alone. It is indeed true when they say ‘excess of anything is bad’. Use of opioids without proper prescription for a short duration may lead to addiction and fatal overdose!

Medication has various forms

Medications come in all shapes/sizes/sprays such as tablets, capsules, liquids, injections & lotions. (One would think medication was trying to outdo shampoos.) This means everyone from babies to adults can get the benefit of treatment.

Short Term/Long-Term medications- which ones are worse?

You must have heard people around you talk about how some pills made them feel like they were ready for war (or maybe that’s just me). Some medicines are simply quick fixes meant only for stopping symptoms while others function better over time providing long term health benefits with minor side-effects.

What we need here essentially is balance; choosing between instant relief or gradual healing based on our individual circumstances – Our medic should be deciding those factors before getting us started on therapies

Should there be caution? Of course so!
Do we really consider consequences before swallowing stuff? We surely don’t because popping an Advil these days seems easier than grabbing a glass of water – this behaviour needs curbing

Just remember folks “with great power comes great responsibility” applies liberally here too lest consuming medicine become callously deadly rather than lifesaving!