Is lumigan the same as latisse?

Are you tired of having short, dull eyelashes that are barely noticeable? Do you want to make a statement with your eyes and have lashes that keep heads turning? Well, look no further than Latisse or Lumigan…or wait, are they the same thing? Let’s get down to it!

Understanding Latisse

Latisse is an FDA-approved medication used for treating hypotrichosis (reduced hair growth) in eyelashes. It contains bimatoprost which stimulates hair follicles on the upper lash line leading to longer and darker lashes.

Here’s how it works:
– Applied by dipping a sterile applicator into the solution then out to remove any excess.
– The solution is then applied along the base of the upper lash line like one would use eyeliner.
– Before applying, ensure your face is clean and makeup-free so there’s no interference between your skin and drug absorption.

Pro Tip: Be patient when using luscious long-lash serums – It takes about four weeks before noticeable differences can develop within three months daily commitment

Why Some People Use Lumigan Instead?

Kudos to anyone trying to save some dollars but does choosing cheaper come with equivalent results? In this case: Maybe…

Lumigan was developed for glaucoma patients initially fun fact!. Just like Latisse uses bimatoprost focusing on extending our lashes; Get this — On applying too close or directly onto eyeballs mistakenly could produce tremendous irritation in turn bringing risk side effects shown below. While lumigan share active ingredient/common benefits as lattise due frequency of misuse reportedly has worse outcomes sometimes prohibits continued use/ damage even caused eye infections/hair loss.

In other words…
While similar chemical components exist within both products`,_ mishandling medication unfitting usage may lead an unbecoming final outcome by eye and hair damages. So, we admittedly look for the differences.

What Makes Lumigan differ from Latisse

Here’s a list of what makes them different:

  • Lumigan comes with an applicator – Not as if it is not possible to use in-house beauty brushes bought personally / easily accessible cosmetic kits; but some find applicators convenient while others stick to their home toolkit favorite

  • Latisse may be stronger – In making comparisons between lattise and lumigan, you will observe that Latisse seems more concentrated than the latter. Some claims have been made which indicate that Lumigan requires less concentration compared to lattise_, potentially making it too potent. However,_ they are both approved by FDA anyways!

  • MORE mild side effects — Although minimal difference exists between Latisse and Lumigan application processes/+ coinciding ingredients , negative reactions/infections according to recent dermatologists’ research seem easier on skin by considerations regarding % ingredient quantities hence why some choose with balance overall factors rather one over another. The reports claim people using either solution to secure thicker / healthy-looking lashes needs only continue utilizing regularly without sideline adverse conditions!
    With caution before all new substance applications do check against condition lists dependent across user demographics though.

Where Should I Buy?

In choosing your preferred products, online or offline stores make their sales reach out everywhere plus they provide detailed descriptions so through these methods can equip yourself even better aided towards solid decision-making evaluating whether exact specifications determined outweigh costs.
Ellebabe tests show known reliable sources = all day chemist,direkt-apotheke (headsup! these shops currently don’t require prescription upon ordering), or inshop aestheticians/dermatology clinics usually costing higher.`_ Optimum selection choice remains entirely up to budget preference combined personal opinion tendencies towards shopping timelines.

Last Thoughts

So there you have it; Unlike gory political discussions – this healthy debate between lumigan and latisse won’t spark much contention in the medical arena.

The choice for most may vary mostly dependent on what’s available from your nearby store locations/ preferred shopping style, but it goes without saying that in whichever products you choose to use; patience| care | meticulousness when their handlers apply is key to promoting healthier , longer looking lashes!

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