Is losartan hard on the kidneys?

If you’ve been prescribed losartan, you may be wondering if this drug is tough on your kidneys. After all, nobody wants their organs to feel like they’re climbing Mt. Everest in a pair of flip flops.

But fear not! This article aims to shed some light on whether or not losartan can mess with your precious pee filters.


Before we jump into the deep end of the kidney pool, let’s quickly go over what losartan actually is.

Losartan belongs to a family of drugs called angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs). These drugs work by blocking a hormone that narrows blood vessels and raises blood pressure. By doing so, ARBs help relax blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Some popular brand names of losartan include Cozaar and Hyzaar.

How does it affect my Kidneys?

Now for the million dollar question – does losartan hurt your liver jockeys?

Thankfully no, it doesn’t. In fact, most studies show that ARBs are safe for people with otherwise healthy kidneys

What about those who already have kidney issues?

Ah yes, good point. If one has existing kidney problems such as chronic kidney disease or nephritis,taking anything new can be risky business

However ,if there aren’t any serious concerns with regards to renal function beforehand,the medication should generallynot pose an additional risk

One study done by The Journal of Clinical Hypertension stated that “ARBs exert renoprotective effects under various clinical conditions”.

Translated from medical jargon: Losarten has been seen to have protective qualities when related ailments are present in others parts for example high bloodpressure levels

Of course, everyone’s health history differs,and meaning while harmful effects haven’t generally,been noted with losarten, consulting a clinician/doctor before taking any new medication is always advisable.

What about side effects?

Ok now let’s talk about side effects of the drug. While listed as ‘generally safe’,there’s still a few things to keep in mind.

Common side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

Less common but potentially more serious side effects, such as an increased risk for infections or liver damage, are rare (under 1%) and mainly affect people with pre-existing medical conditions like autoimmune diseases etc..

If you experience any severe or unusual symptoms while on losartan it’s best reach out to your healthcare professional right away

Anything else I should know?

Just some good ol’ fashion reminders when starting any kind of new treatment :

  1. Follow instructions given by your doctor.
  2. Establish open communication channels between yourself and health care personnel.
    3.Adhere strictly to dosage guidelines,no shocker there

Remember that everyone reacts differently,and nothing beats seeking clear cut judgement from Experts in the Medical industry.

In short,this whole Losartan business doesn’t seem like something to lose sleep over – so take comfort in knowing that as long as one follows clear medicinal directives,the ride through kidney town should be smooth sailing!