Is levetiracetam and keppra the same?

If you’re someone who forgets things easily, chances are–you may have forgotten if Levetiracetam is the same thing as Keppra. Well, that’s totally fine because it happens to the best of us! Here’s a little refresher course; Levetiracetam and Keppra both pertain to medications used in treating seizures (a.k.a. fits). They also share some similarities on how they function inside our brain — but like any other medicine with different brand names even though their ingredients may be similar or identical, there might still exist some differences between these two!

What is Levetiracetam?

So what exactly is this Levetiracetam? To start off with, this drug has several purposes depending on how your doctor prescribes it. Although one of its main uses includes reducing the risk of seizures — especially for those diagnosed with epilepsy (a neurological disorder), doctors can prescribe levetiracetam for other reasons such as:

  • Neuropathic pain: This medication helps alleviate nerve pain.

  • Anxiety: Yes! You heard that right people! Researchers confirm good results when using levetriaceptams in treating Generalized anxiety disorder.

Simply put,Levitracetem, forces different parts of your brain to collaborate which ultimately reduces occurrence of seizures.

How Does It Work?

Without getting too technical here (because we do not want anyone falling asleep) let me summarize this by saying that Levitracetem works much like our brains telephone network – it sends messages between cells effectively minimizing activity spikes hence preventing abnormal electrical impulses from forming clusters within our brains which could trigger a seizure.

To visualize better- think about your body electric system.. Let’s pretend that when everything in your house is turned off save for one bulb – then current will flow freely through your home without any obstacle. Now picture turning on more bulbs causing the current to divide and find various ways throughout your house, this increases resistance as many different paths compete for space, electricity production goes up including energy lost in competing ways- result? Spikes leading to circuit failure… In short that’s what happens within our head when several nerve cells are stimulated simultaneously — which is where Levetiracetam comes in handy. It essentially decreases these spikes by allowing normal movement of ions “sodium”, “potassium” hence promoting balance.

What is Keppra?

Keppra understandably can be pretty confusing especially if you’ve already read a few paragraphs about Levitracetem – why would it be possible for two different medications have different names yet ratter similar effects.

Well, simply put again– Keppra shares similarities with Levitracetam because they contain the same active ingredient! keppra has four strengths: 250 mg, 500 mg ,750mg….. and also some oral solution products

Differences Between Levetiracetam And Keppra

You’re probably skeptical right now because we just mentioned how both share the same ingredients.. But truthfully there are subtle differences between them;

1) Price: Although their existence dependence on each other could make one assume prices might always stay constant nonetheless a bit of price difference exist with one seeming more affordable than another over time .

2) Dosages may vary depending on whether you’ve been prescribed levetiracetam or keppre simpler words -both drugs fit into slightly varying dosages regimen

3) Availability: availability may differ from place to place based on supply chain

4) Shape/Color…. While great emphasis isn’t placed physical manifestation still supports individual brand recognition therapy adherence aspects; levitricytim tablets range from white color whilst very bitter in taste compare tp keprrel white tablet physical with dog bone like shapes and better taste profile.

All in all, the differences between Levetiracetam (Generic) And Keppra (Brand Name medication), which both contain same active ingredients but different names ultimately vary depending on your medical history as well where you stay. And Despite some of these subtle variations they remain effective when used within proper prescription.

The Benefits Of Using Levetiracetam & Kppera

Many individuals have found success taking leviatracetem or keppres for treatment of seizures. When prescribed by a doctor, and used according to instructions given — it’s more likely that good result shall be obtained; In fact studies suggest about 60-70% people treated successfully upon consumption.

In particular :-

1)Levetriacetams has been known to have little -to no side effects since most times its easily tolerated by patients compared with other antiepileptic medications

2)Similarly cured pains relating to nerve damages..

3)Lets not forget keprer oral solution formulated for ease of usage is great news especially when compared with traditional antiseizure drug intake methods

Whether you’d rather use Levetiracetam or Keppra might depend on factors such as age, preference, pre-existing medical conditions.. Hence curiousity isn’t always harmful when discussing things concerning one identity!


Although there are small variations — we can conclude that Levitiracatem Vs Kepra have similarities because they share the same ingredient! Price,dosages -region specific differences may crop up so it’s important to consult your physician if any doubts arise: Better safe than sorry right…Don’t beat yourself up though if at a point during ceertain conversations test questions etc., Sometimes those brain drains could cause you confusion about why two similar yet differently named medicines exist in market..just refer back this article and retainng sight comparism wouldn’t be struggle atleast until green colorable Levitracetam flies out of the sea!

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