Is it ok to take fiber supplements every day?

Are you tired of ‘going’ and not feeling satisfied? Are you looking for a way to keep your insides shiny, happy, and healthy? Look no further than fiber supplements! But hold your horses there partner – before you go shoving these little capsules down your gullet faster than Joey Chestnut scarfing down hot dogs on July 4th, we need to have ourselves a chat. In this article, we will dive into the murky waters of fiber supplements and answer that age-old question – is it okay to take them every day?

What’s the Deal with Fiber Supplements?

Let’s start with some basics. What the heck are fiber supplements anyway? They’re basically what they sound like – pills or powders that contain various types of dietary fibers meant to supplement (hence the name) our daily intake. Dietary fibers come from plants and other food sources, essentially providing our digestive tract with materials it can’t digest (delightful visual imagery…we know). Sounds gross until you find out that without them, things would get really backed up – literally.

Fun Fact Alert: There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers dissolve in water whereas insoluble ones don’t.

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends adults aim for at least 14 grams per every 1,000 calories consumed daily when it comes to total dietary fiber intake. However, studies indicate that many Americans actually consume only half what they should be getting. So naturally, since people love taking shortcuts instead of consuming gasp actual real fruits + veggies full of fibrous wonders, manufacturers have developed these handy dandy little supplements.

The Benefits

Why bother with all of this mess in our diet anyway? Honestly, why do any work when we can just pop some pills? Kidding, kidding – let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with these fiber supplements.


First and foremost – they help keep us regular. Yes folks, we’re talking about bowel movements. Without enough fiber in our diet, things can get backed up like I-95 on Thanksgiving weekend. The insoluble fibers act like those little bristles on a toilet brush, moving everything along smoothly through our intestines.

Reduces Hunger/Weight loss

Another benefit? Fiber helps to reduce hunger pangs and promotes satiety (feeling full) longer which leads to potential weight loss for those looking for such results!! You’ll feel fuller for longer due to its slower digestion time compared with simple carbs or lower satiety inducing meals.

Lowered Risk of Cancer

Fiber has been linked to reduced risk rates of various forms of cancer especially colon-related ones such as rectal or sigmoid types!

These are just a few comm’on reasons people add fiber suppliments into their daily routine 😉

You Want Me To Do What Now?

Now that you know why people take them, let’s talk about how exactly one goes about taking these bad boys correctly. If you don’t follow instructions carefully it could spell disaster (disaster being well…digestive problems).

Timing is Everything

Did you know not all supplements should be taken during mealtimes? With respect specifically towards dietary fibers this is true: Take soluble fibers before/after meal times so they breakdown more slowly whereas insoluble can be taken anytime throughout the day.

Liquid Guidelines

When taking most powdered varieties, make sure you mix thoroughly with sufficient water resistant because if insufficient liquid utilised this may cause something rather resembling cereal after left soaking all night long! Yummy!


Start slow when starting out! Don’t overdo it; increase gradually per week until deemed suitable/appropriate.

Let’s Get Down to Business

Now, let’s address the question at hand – is it okay to take these fiber supplements every single day? The short answer: more than likely. However, there are some potential side effects and precautions you should be aware of beforehand.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Just as too little dietary fiber can lead to issues – too much can have adverse results: such as bloating, gas, cramping or even constipation (characteristic pause)!

Medication Interactions

Yep. These little pills could interfere with certain formulations or medicines thus…do not skip going over the possible interactions with prescribed medication(s) prior addition or commence use under doctors recommendation!

Allergic Reactions

Although rare: some people may experience an allergic reaction upon ingesting them so if you start feeling outta whack shortly following intake seek immediate medical attention just in case something is off / don’t hold your breath though!

Final Thoughts:

After all that discussion regarding concerns that arise when consuming insufficent/overwhelming, what do you believe those will result in…a general consensus reached states its safe & effectively wise for consumption everyday providing recommended serving size guides utilised accurately! So go forth and embrace your inner ‘pill popper’ with confidence thanks to our words of wisdom 😉

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