Is it ok to take allopurinol during a gout attack?

Gout can be a painful experience, and the question on whether allopurinol is safe to take during an attack is one that most people ask. The truth is, there are conflicting opinions about this issue, with some doctors supporting its use while others advise against it. In this article, we’re going to explore the subject of taking allopurinol during a gout attack in detail and determine whether it’s okay or not.

What Is Gout?

Before discussing whether allopurinol should be taken during a gout attack or not, let’s talk briefly about what gout really means.

Gout is essentially caused by uric acid buildup in joints leading to inflammation and pain. Some of the symptoms include intense pain within your joint once you’ve been carrying out general activities like busing or walking for long periods. Although any joint can swell up due to the condition, generally, it tends to occur on toes more often than other areas of human body.

Can Allopurinol Be Used During A Gout Flare-up?

Allopurinol is primarily used for reducing urate level inside our blood; thus stopping crystal formation which dampens inflammation alongside minimizing frequent attacks frequency.
Allopurinol mostly eliminates every single remaining bit amount present inside your system over time when consumed regularly (usually daily).

Even though allopurinols role in combating future flare-ups might seem fantastic indeed absolutely perfect solution which helps different individuals save themselves from experiencing more pain later down line soon enough so that they may enjoy their chosen way lifestyle unencumbered simply had lost battle already begun & you could easily end up worsening said discomfort experienced as opposed diminishing it easing signs symptomation.

Essentially, using allopurinols whilst fighting off flare-ups isn’t generally advised since levels dropping can easily augment attacks whilst lowering urate amount quickly (as compared slowly and more control as prescribed) causes enhanced sensitivity to the crystals for a short period.

How Allopurinol Can Decrease Gout

It’s quite admirable how effective allopurinol can be in fighting gout. Here are some of the ways that it helps:

Decreasing Uric Acid Levels

Allopurinol is intended to lower serum acid levels present within your body by inhibiting xanthine oxidase enzyme thereby preventing existing purines within the system from becoming more purines converting into uric acid groups.

Reducing Inflammation & Pain

As an individual using this medication, outcomes will be noticed over extended periods since absence ongoing attack makes further damage impossible due crystal dissolution being complete. Due gradual reduction inflammation first major benefit noticeable.

This means that patients who consume allopurinols daily gain significant benefits with time passing utterly painless living wonderful quality life free future flare-ups!
patients taking allopurinols often report experiencing relief during discomfort after attacking very sore spot; though generally remaining little chance increase instead reduced frequency duration than rising occasionally occurs once treatment works effectively – less common overtime consumed daily!

Why Physicians Don’t Usually Recommend It During A Flare-Up

Although there are cases where taking an additional dosage might alleviate symptoms initially, doctors usually don’t recommend it due to over-sensitivity brought about by quick changes in symptomatic relief or prolonged side effects such as rashes, fever fatigue thus adding extra physical distress on already uncomfortable person immersed heavy stress.


the balancing act required when playing around dosages amounts should always remain under close supervision professional probably aren’t already described earlier hereinabove focus article; mixing drugs without prescription could have severe repercussions patient’s health leading up unwanted hospitalization (or worse).

Better play safe watch out!

When Is It Safe To Take Allopurinol?

Now that we understand why physicians usually don’t recommend allopurinol usage during flare-ups, it’s essential to know when it’s safe to take.

According to reviewed evidence-based guidelines from 2020 by the KDF Review Panel, dosage change needs supervision context occurrence; e.g., more than twice in 2 months considered too abrupt potentially dangerous. There are other things you should consider before taking allopurinols:

  • Waiting until acute attack subsided
  • Start with a low dose of medication
  • Never drastically increase medications or double-down doses yourself.


At first thought people might believe treating their gout using allopurinols is fantastic idea – lifestyle unhindered absolutely brilliant PLUS NO MORE PAIN! But the truth remains that this drug isn’t typically recommended while experiencing an active gout attack currently sine medicinal repercussions could lead up further harm occurring being worse off individual.

It does work well though as preventative measure discouraging future attacks so individuals have opportunity experience life without worry discomfort slowing them down held captive pain every moment day!

A vital factor remember here carefully reviewing precise guidelines issued medical professional appropriately taking associated medication according given instructions. It takes two parties working together managing this condition effectively leading successful outcome become reality necessary desired steps better overcome comfort?

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