Is it normal to start bleeding again 4 weeks postpartum?

Are you a new mother wondering if it’s normal to experience postpartum bleeding four weeks after giving birth? We’ve got the answers for you! So, grab your nursing pillow and settle in for some much-needed comic relief.

What is Postpartum Bleeding?

Postpartum bleeding, commonly referred to as lochia, is vaginal bleeding that occurs after childbirth.
It can last up to six weeks and includes blood, mucus, and tissue from the uterus (yum).

The First Few Days

Immediately following childbirth, postpartum bleeding tends to be heavy. This stage lasts approximately one week (ugh!).
During this time, women will need large pads or even adult diapers (because moms deserve options).

Tip: Stock up on pads before the baby comes!

Week Two

After the first week of heavy bleeding (thank god), things start to taper off a bit. If you’re lucky enough (unlikely) your flow may shift towards light spotting at this point.

Warning: Do not confuse postpartum hemorrhaging with normal lochia. If you are experiencing extremely heavy flow or bright red blood accompanied by large clots – seek medical attention immediately!

Three Weeks Later…

So here we are… three whole weeks into mommyhood (how’s that sleep deprivation treating ya?) when all of a sudden there’s more blood coming out than there was just yesterday🩸

Is It Normal To Start Bleeding Again Four Weeks Postpartum?

According to health experts, moderate discharge as late as 6-7 weeks post-delivery may still be considered “normal”. However, any significant change or increase in vaginal bleeding should prompt an immediate consultation with one’s healthcare provider due possibility of complications such as infection.

A good rule of thumb is to consult with your doctor any time postpartum bleeding lasts longer than six weeks.


Postpartum bleeding has a reputation for being…not so fun. Because of the complexity of it all, there’s no one “right” answer to when lochia should cease completely; however, understanding what to expect as well how and when to pay attention if something doesnt seem quite right will go a long way in promoting optimal recovery from child birth.

Now you can gracefully exit this article with knowledge that redefines female biology! (you’re welcome)

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