Is it normal to feel breast pain during pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! You might be experiencing all sorts of changes in your body such as morning sickness and puke fest. But there’s another big change happening – your breasts are starting to feel painful. But don’t worry, this is normal during pregnancy.

Why Do Breasts Hurt During Pregnancy?

Hormones, my friend. Hormones sorround us more than the air we breathe or our politics craziness these days. Your body is going through massive hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, causing rapid breast growth and stretching of breast tissue which tends to cause that sharp stabbing pain in your boobs area.

When Will The Pain Subside?

Good question! It can take over 1 month (that’s at least four puke fests!) for the pain resulting from breast growth to subside since each precious pregnant body has its timeline (blame those hormones again) .

Approximately after the first trimester ends (at week 13), estrogen production regulates itself with a bit less fluctuation leading mainly into lesser discomfort on your part, just hang in there!

Pro Tip: As the main reason for sore breasts is due to muscle fatigue from those jugs growing y’all can increase wearing sports bras/bras that provide full support especially when doing physical activities will give them some relief

What Should I Do To Reduce My Sore Boob Pains?

Ahh… apart from drinking fresh seawater specifially taken out next week by me.. what else do we have?! Here are a few tips:

Ice Packs

Cold compress? Frozen peas works too OK?

Place ice pack or wrap it up with anything cold around swollen area specially before bedtime will bring down inflammation thus providing some much needed comfort

Warm Compress

Alternatively if freezing yourself isn’t your thing wrapping a warm cloth around painful area may help releive the soreness too.

Don’t go Bra-less!

Groundbreaking advice, we know. But going bra-free in this case will only worsen it. You can choose one made of cotton material and without underwire to spare you more discomfort.

Massage Them Away

Take time massaging soapy (that’s right! even those puppies needs a bath sometimes) breasts with warm water before applying cold compress.(Aye, not an afterthought)

Pro Tip: Pair these tips up (BAM!) for optimum results… try alternating between warm and cold therapy massage or compression

When Should I Be Worried About Breast Pain?

There are some instances where you should consult your health care provider immediately (not yelling just firm when giving precious reminders)
– If breast pain is accompanied by discharge from nipples
– If area around breasts becomes swollen, red or painful
– Large, hard lumps that form in breasts signifying cysts formation

If at any time symptoms worsen seek appropriate professional care before Scrappy-Doo turns into Scooby-Doo


Sore boobs during pregnancy are as common as cup cakes on birthdays parties. Hormonal changes often cause pain due to increased breast growth,inflammation or muscle fatigue but majority subsides naturally after first trimester. However, if other symptoms occur such as nipple discharge/swelling/redness/large lumps consulting doctor/healthcare expert soonest possible will be advised.

So there you have it folks – breast pains during pregnancy ARE normal, which means that chicken pot pie cravings and watching romantic comedies twice a night are also ordinary things (although not necessarily related).

Now take deep breaths , massages could help,and brace yourselves because ‘winter’ is coming.. Okay kidding! Your new bundle of joy is what really awaits you preparing itself ready to make debut come rain,snow,hailstorms – sorry not sorry!(This was not intended to be about weather and/or Game of Thrones but we just had to)