Is it love or not?

Ah, the age-old question of whether that special feeling you have for someone is love or just gas. It’s a topic that has baffled scientists and poets alike since the dawn of time. But fear not, dear reader, for I am here to guide you through this murky and often confusing terrain with my impeccable sense of humor and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Love has been defined in countless ways throughout history. From Shakespeare to Beyoncé, everyone seems to have an opinion on what it actually means. Some might argue that love is a feeling characterized by intense passion and desire; others would maintain that it’s an enduring commitment marked by mutual respect and understanding.

So which definition should we go by? The answer is simple: whichever one suits your romantic needs at any given moment between bouts of existential dread.

Butterflies in Your Stomach: Just Nerves?

We’ve all experienced those fluttery feelings in our stomachs when we’re around someone we really like- usually followed by anxiety-induced nausea. But does this mean we’re truly smitten?? Or are our bodies simply reacting to external stimuli?

The truth is, there’s no easy answer here (because where would the fun be in that?). It’s entirely possible if not likelythat those butterflies are just nerves at work, rather than true indicators of underlying emotions. After all, intense physical attraction can sometimes leave us feeling shaky or even faint – so make sure you haven’t skipped breakfast before assuming these feel-good physical cues indicate anything beyond digestive turmoil.

It can be difficult to distinguish between infatuation (short-lived excitement) versus real feelings of day-to-day compassion toward another person or group because they always say “love conquers all” . However,’tis also true that while infatuation might trigger intense surges of dopamine in the brain (aka Lust-induced insanity), true love is characterized by a gradual increase of oxytocin, which helps to build trust and affection.

So, if you find yourself obsessing over every detail of your crush’s life and getting overwhelmingly excited at the prospect of seeing them again soon – well, it could just be that you’re head-over-heels for them. But then again, maybe you just need to get out more.

Okay, so let’s say you’ve started dating someone and now everything seems to be souring into one big argument-laden hellscape.. Does that mean your once-burning passion has somehow fizzled out? Not necessarily.

Disagreements between partners are totally normal if said parties have yet still learned how to communicate “nicely”. In fact, many psychologists would argue that conflict isn’t necessarily a sign of trouble in a relationship; it simply indicates inevitable differences between two separate individuals who come from different backgrounds or cultures — You know what they say “opposites attract.” That being said if things escalate into full-blown bickering matches on the regular, accompanied by an enduring sense of frustration or disillusionment with each other instead —it might be time to call things off before dumpster-fire ensues.

If there is one thing worse than heartbreak itself…. It is potentially realizing too late down-the-road about signs pointing towards future cheating-spree which coud happen long after messy break-ups (sigh). To spot these red-flags,__ keep an eye out for behaviors like dishonesty, secret-keeping, overly-glamorous behavior around\outside potential romantic interests all avenues pointing toward ones partner deciding toe-dip outside mutually established boundaries (emphasizes silent mutual understanding as well)This behavior might indicate that the person in question is more interested in playing of people by using relationships as a buffer for loneliness or personal gain than actually finding true, committed love.

But If It Is Love…

If you’ve made it this far and all signs are pointing to “Yes, it’s true love,” then congratulations! You’re one of the lucky few who have found someone worth holding onto for the long haul.

You may face hurdles along the way, but if you’re both willing to work through them with respect and honesty, there’s no reason why your relationship can’t last forever. So go forth boldly into this grand adventure called love, dear reader – just don’t forget to pack some humor and courage (and maybe a map + compass too)

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