Is it legal to purchase prescription drugs from canada?

If you’re wondering whether or not buying prescription drugs online from Canadian suppliers is legal, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we aim to lift the veil and clarify everything there is to know about buying medication north of the border. So let’s dig into this most pressing question!

The Cost-effective Question

Let’s be honest here – one major reason many people consider purchasing medicines from Canada is financial: it can be a lot cheaper. But why does that matter? Why deal with international shipping when your local drugstore has what you need at marked-up prices? Of course, everyone wants good value for their money.

High Prices in America

A critical issue facing consumers today stems directly from policies imposed by pharmaceutical companies on American soil. The high cost of medicine in America creates unsavory incentives for individuals who cannot reasonably afford necessary medical care. Plus, price controls simply don’t exist as they do in other countries like Mexico or much of Europe.

A Hike through History

From 1985 up until 2000, Merck & Co was responsible for more than doubling the list price of its cholesterol-lowering drug Mevacor each year1. We all know that inflation rate isn’t THAT volatile! It really makes sense folks – extortionate profit margins are were every single company treasurer’s dream lives!

One factor contributing roughly favorably is quite simple; Patent laws grant monopolies declaring those same patent exclusions are tossed out abroad (like our neighbor up North-Canada).

Really though… besides inflation rates only getting smaller over time– extreme greed fueled pricing decisions just aren’t limited strictly towards medications… You know what else we pay gonzo-prices for? Textbooks.

Any quick Google search will tell anyone there’s definitely some wrongdoing happening with how many dollars these new editions go for. The mark-up on most hot-off-the-press textbook can run up into the thousands2! It’s is almost enough to make a student just wanna “stick it to the man” instead of playing by their corporate rules.

Penalty for Trying

Many patients were hesitant before taking any real looks at Canadian providers who offered lower medication costs, misgivings held in place significantly because they don’t want to violate American law.

Anytime someone buys what drug manufacturers consider “price-controlled” medication from elsewhere (where– unlike America—the customers see regular price hikes) when found Americans seemingly put themselves at risk of prosecution or other legal backlash.

The warning here would be…. (wait for) false fear of warnings such as these is silly!

The Answer – 100% Legal!?

In conclusion: if you’re purchasing your prescription drugs through licensed Canadian online dispensaries, then yes– it’s technically legal. Based on Trump era updates North-literate folks have curtailed anticipation regarding any well-documented profile data being exchanged[^3]. This information exchange was concerning many afraid US S.A.T.M doing illegal activities as merely ordering cheap drugs was hardly one them!

This relaxed governmental measure happened since drug experts claimed that within Canada most medicine sellers’ backgrounds show close-resembling specifics and regulations compared with those pharmacies which operate legally south of our Red River border currently selling medications daily.[^4]

For students maybe not sure where look next when seeing their tuition statement/financial aid package this sort of relief will bring much solace even now(after graduation), the savings alone could land you straight ahead towards chipping away at rife childhood debt!

Regardless of current fears sating unnecessary anxieties about guilty involvement stemming from saving cash with prescriptions bought across northern borders… Repeatedly established proof has given credence thus far towards making an informed choice against expensive meds purchased solely locally.

So tip #1: give Canadian vendors a look! Don’t worry; you won’t regret it!

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