Is it bad to drink cold water during period?

Periods are undeniably an annoying process for those who experience them. While cramps, headaches, and mood swings plague us each month like clockwork, many of us have turned to different therapies including warm baths or applying heat pads on our lower abdomen. But what about the simple act of drinking a glass of icy water? Does that help or could it be harmful?

The internet is awash with a lot of conflicting advice on whether having cold drinks during periods will lessen pain or worsen them. To make sense out of all this confusion, we decided to dive into the truth behind the claims.

Myth 1: Cold Drinks Increase Menstrual Cramps

Contrary to popular belief, consuming cold beverages may not lead directly towards menstrual cramps. In fact, drinking ice-cold fluids in moderation doesn’t affect uterine contractions at all – so you can relax and sip your preferred slushie without worry.

However , excessive consumption could trigger contractures within your muscles by narrowing blood vessels throughout your body i.e., vasoconstriction while dealing with PMS woes.

Reduced blood flow would only worsen any muscle ache emanating from menstruation; therefore keeping moderate intake (not chilled) might work well instead!

A Glimpse At The Physiology Of Period Pain

Let’s discuss how period pains get started medically before exploring more detail about whether chilly liquids increase menstrual discomfort.
Menstrual discomfort happens when hormones called prostaglandins cause your uterus- muscular walls- to contract incredibly hard & rapidly break down its own lining resulting in bleeding occurring from vaginal canal.
Consequently,the excruciating labour-like agony felt during menstruation results primarily from these painful contractions.

When they happen excessively often/Cramp harder-much higher quantity of prostaglandins also gets released-resulting in tougher experiencing pain.

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Cold Water During Periods?

Let’s start with the basics: The internal temperature of a typical human is 98.6 degrees F (37 C), and it hardly shifts away from its base, because we’ve got excellent control mechanisms to preserve warmth. Drinking cold water sets off just such a mechanism.

Every time an icy beverage reaches our stomach on this happening,our body immediately triggers several distinct bodily processes – including sympathetic noradrenergic activation or shivering in reaction to the chilly fluid consumption – both routes used by our body [to] warm upand avoid hypothermia. Resurgent sympathetic nerve activities create an sudden muscle contraction which may further worsen menstrual cramps.

How Bad Is It To Drink Cold Beverages During Menstruation?

Although drinking chilled fluids cannot trigger any problems directly, the discomfort associated with periods could intensify as described above.
So now that you have insight into some of the ways icy drinks make their mark during menstruation let’s discuss some dos and don’ts regarding consuming them.

Do’s & Don’ts in Having Ice-Cold Drinks During Menstruation

  1. Moderation is key: The primary goal when ingesting cold liquids while menstruating would be–avoiding more harm than good! Stick to moderate intake amounts rather than using your limitations at once!
  2. Limit carbonated drinks: Consuming carbonated beverages often tends to bloat, resulting in increased intestinal tension & interference within hormonal balance.Other then upsetting digestive systems,it may result increasing fluctuations within blood sugar levels making irritability worse.
  3. Avoid chilled caffeinated drinks high sodium content-They tend dehydrate us noticeably quickly; potentially leading towards headache after exertion or intermittent-crampy contractions even upon being well-hydrated otherwise.
    4.Concentrate On Warm Fluid Consumption Especially For Pain Relief-Elliott-says, «Warm drinks dilate blood vessels of uterus. This increased dilation helps to reduce cramps and lessen discomfort during menses. Try adding ginger or cinnamon to your favorite teas for added pain-soothing benefits».
    5.Sip Room Temperature Liquids–While having non-chilled items such as soup or herbal tea in moderation will provide calories & allow hydrating without triggering triggered noradrenergic reflex that could worsen Menstruation Pain.

Practical Guide to Picking the Right Drinks

Here are some specific beverages that you might want (or not) when riding through the monthly rollercoaster.

Good- Bae Tea

Bae tea combos are a beautiful mixture used specifically by women – they help with Premenstrual Syndrome-its symptoms i.e., bloating, and aid digestion! These health benefits come from a mixed combination featuring herbs like chamomile leaves/green bark which contains anti-inflammatory components relaxing muscles; hence minimizing potential menstrual pain!

Bad – Iced coffee/Nescafe gold blend

For caffeine lovers popping caffeinated cold brew may feel refreshing alternatively Nescafe Gold Blend-style chilled instant coffee leads towards dehydration-a root cause behind worsening menstrual cramps.

Therefore hot tea lattes work alright-have creamy milk within them & offer warmth you likely want but green tea is high in antioxidants-providing great ability at promoting general wellbeing!

In conclusion:

Having well moderated flavored water/coconut water usually does not show any adverse effect on period pains if consumed moderately-within specified limits but binge drinking vast quantities could amplify associated negative effects including gastrointestinal issues/bloating/Diarrhea intensification etc.
Even For Warm beverages-disproportionate intake amounts are advised against so that unpleasant results do not arise.
Drinking warm fluids can provide comfort-help ease menstrual woes-and contribute positively towards overall health. So why don’t we stick to our lukewarm tea, hot fudge sundae or our bark infused drinks as a safe bet?

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