Is it bad to drink coffee while on your period?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, or shall I say, the blood in our pants? Yep, you guessed it. We’re talking about periods! Once a month we curse Mother Nature for making us bleed and bring ourselves presents of bloating and mood swings. But amidst all this chaos, there is one question that haunts us all- Is It Bad To Drink Coffee While On Your Period?

Well, let’s find out!

The Case Against Coffee

Before we delve into whether coffee consumption is good or bad during periods,let’s first understand what makes periods such a difficult time for us women.

During menstruation our bodies tend to lose iron through bleeding which can lead to fatigue and weakness. Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee may increase urine production that could eventually wash away important nutrients from your body including calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Moreover consuming caffeine at night tends to disrupt sleep patterns affecting REM Sleep (the stage where dreaming occurs), thus leading to sleep deprivation resulting in irritability throughout the day.

To add fuel to fire,Coffee has also been known as BPH(The Big Public Humper)since it can stimulate bowel movements which causes diarrhea in some people . Trust me,you don’t want cramps with poop problems because they are two different types of crappy things altogether.

Stop Right There!

As someone who loves her daily dose of caffeine more than anything else(cue-The beverage not cocaine),I know how closing your eyes every morning before grabbing your cuppa seems like an uphill task.
But does drinking coffee really make our menstrual cycle a torturous journey?

The Truth About Coffee

Here’s something interesting though-Caffeine has been known as “Ladyator” since time immemorial,named after Ada Lovelace-the mathematical genius​ ,primarily because of its acts as a mood-booster and endurance enhancer on your ‘never-ending’period days,which,sometimes seem to get the better of you.

But,c’mon let’s be honest,we’ve known all along that coffee makes periods five times more bearable after The First Day(when sitting straight feels like an insurmountable task).

According to several researches conducted over the years,coffee when consumed reasonably,on one’s period doesn’t have severe consequences.In fact,Coffee has been shown to improve energy levels while easing cramping by soothing muscles making it less painful than usual. Some women find that even thinking about a cup of Joe is enough to lift their mood and alleviate menstrual bloating. So,I say go for it!

Here Are A Few More Reasons Why You Should Make Coffee Your Go-To Drink:

  • Coffee contains Polyphenols(micronutrients loaded with antioxidants) which reduces inflammation.
  • They also help in resolving acne issues during periods.
  • Caffeine and Tannins present in coffee act as anti inflammatory agents.

But Wait! There are Down Sides Too!

Hold your horses though,because this love affair between us ladies and our Ladyator might not come without some hitch(es).

Drinking too much caffeine during your cycle could lead to increased blood pressure levels,palpitations,and dehydration.Caffeine is also considered an irritant towards bladder resulting in frequent urination thus leading to loss of essential minerals mentioned above.

It can also take longer time for bleeding ankles(abnormally heavy flow) among those who already have issue with their menstruation cycle because caffeine causes vasoconstriction ie contraction or constriction of blood vessels thus increasing the pain.

So..What do we infer from all these contradicting pieces?

To Brew Or Not To Brew?

At the end,it comes back down how much exuisite beverage called coffee, keeps us going throughout and whether the temporary perk is worth it while compromising on other aspects like our very important sleep cycle.

In conclusion,-one can definitely go ahead with her love for caffeine but considering its consumption in a timely yet limited amount.Don’t let something as solvable(I mean “periods”) come between you & your love for coffee.

Just remember to not take more than 200mg of caffeine when dealing with period cycle.Regular intake should range from around 75 -100 mg per day.Water can be considered along side​(0 PPM please).

Now that we’ve made sure,you’re fueled up.May You Brew Till The End!

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