Is isopropyl alcohol 70 the same as rubbing alcohol?

Let’s clear the air, folks. There is a common misconception out there that is causing chaos and confusion amongst consumers searching for their alcohol fix (not the kind you drink, don’t worry). The question we’re tackling today: Is isopropyl alcohol 70 really the same as rubbing alcohol?

Grab your favorite disinfectant spray and let’s dive in.

What Exactly is Isopropyl Alcohol 70?

Before we can answer this important question, let’s make sure we all know what exactly isopropyl alcohol, or IPA for short, actually is. It goes by many names – rubbing alcohol, surgical spirit, just to name a few – but it’s all one and the same thing: a highly effective disinfectant and sanitizing agent.

IPA contains roughly 70% of actual alcohol content mixed with purified water. This specific blend results in an ideal concentration level that maximizes its germ-killing power without being overbearingly strong like straight-up ethanol.

Breaking Down Rubbing Alcohol

Sheesh people, why do things have to be so complicated? Can’t we just agree on what things are called?! Unfortunately not when it comes to our good old friend “rubbing” alcohol.

You see folks,Rubbing alcohol technically refers to ANY type of solution made from liquids suitable for application onto human skin without damaging it or causing serious infection issues later down-the-line.

So essentially… any form of liquid disease slayer applied via friction fits into this category under no particular hard-and-fast rules about which ingredients qualify as appropriate justification for labeling something “rubbing.”

This leaves us standing here more confused than ever before! If anything can be considered rubbing does that mean some brands use IPA whereas others perhaps bring hydrogen peroxide center stage?

So What Almost Made The Cut?

It may not technically qualify for consideration as a “rubbing alcohol” but its close cousin, Choloroxylenol, is responsible for the incredible capabilities found in Dettol liquid disinfectant.

Making Sense of It All

So to sum up all that has been said: Isopropyl Alcohol 70 might be referred to as rubbing alcohol on some occasions; However, rubbing alcohol covers nearly any type of solution applied topically which will clean skin and/or get the job done sanitizing-wise beyond IPA.

So if you go down to your local store asking where they keep their robust stockpile of ‘rubbing’ solutions – uncertain on what unique variation of disease-fighting concoction you wish to explore today- chances are selling IPA at 70% concentration under a name like Rubbing Alcohol would still suffice.

See? Nothing complicated about that whatsoever…unless you’re new around microbiology/microchemistry circles!

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