Is high cholesterol hereditary?

If there’s one thing that can bring us together, it’s our shared fear of high cholesterol. It lurks in the back of our minds – and also often in the backsides of fast food restaurants – a silent but deadly killer.

But what causes this affliction? Is it mostly due to poor diet and lack of exercise, or are some people simply born with it? In simpler terms: is high cholesterol hereditary?

Understanding Cholesterol

Before we answer that question with an eloquent ‘yes’ or ‘no’, let’s take a moment to understand what on earth we’re talking about.

Cholesterol is produced by your liver and found naturally in certain foods like dairy products, eggs, and meats. It plays a crucial role in building cells and hormones within your body.

However (there had to be a however), too much cholesterol mainly from saturated fats may lead to fatty deposits accumulating inside blood vessels causing them narrow which may lead heart disease.

Your total cholesterol score consists of two types: HDL (the good kind) and LDL (the bad kind). Ideally you want more HDLs than LDLs for better health outcomes, think Houdini Liberace versus Lucifer Daredevil.

The Skinny on Genetics

So now onto the main showstopper-are genetics most responsible for giving us high cholesterol scores bigger than Kim Kardashian’s backside after feast day at my grandma’s house?

As usual, life isn’t simple. Some cases indicate genes undeniably have their part playing when it comes to chronic levels , while others display no genetic leaning whatsoever – just plain old-fashioned unhealthy lifestyle choices such as chain-eating Krusty Burgers making up top-level infractions against personal wellbeing .

Here are some ways scientists usually divide things down :

Familial Hypercholesterolemia


Familial hypercholesterolemia refrains from removing LDLs from the bloodstream, leading to higher than average blood cholesterol levels. If someone in your family has this disease may indicate inherited genes are primarily playing a role.

Polygenic Hypercholesterolemia

This type of high cholesterol is more common, and actually most people who have high cholesterol probably belong here.This traditional kind means neither parents had FH but rather BOTH passed down numerous genetic variations positively linked with high total cholesterol levels.

Now that you’re familiar with those two terminologies, let’s explore how one can tell if they’re likely to be at risk for either-familial hypercholesterolemia or polygenic hypercholesterolemia…

Family History

The offspring of individuals diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia as children are arguably inheritable mutations very likely cause them to potentially develop it. It’s tempting to try and sugarcoat the severity; however no amount of fructose corn syrup will change facts . A simple orange juice carton instructions on my grandma’s kitchen used to read : “Sugar is not meant for human consumption.” Maybe along side FH we should add “but look where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

When it comes to other hereditary health factors outside genetics-nutrition plays prominently:

a) A lot more olive oil over bacon grease
b) Reduced intake of processed sweets
c) Increased fiber !!

This isn’t an exhaustive list nor any guarantees towards salvation from having a heart attack (look ma- triple negative sentence!) , but trying our best can prevent major issues down the road which nobody wants apart from a reckless daredevil.

The FinalVerdict?

In conclusion: both yes AND no answer work when addressing whether high levels derive blindly only through genes .

Yes because some identifiable genetic disorders interfere with processing LDL particles-the bad guy causing plaque accumulation within arteries —that could contribute significantly their production in lifetime making even greater problems.

No because the general population’s primary reason for high cholesterol stems directly from nutrition and lifestyle choices. This truth doesn’t wipe meaning completely from genetic testing, despite more generalized advice still holds as pillars of this puzzle, like choosing whole grains over processed or binge-watching Bar Rescue instead of bar hopping.

Perhaps we cannot solely blame our grandparents for salting their pale potatoes with reckless abandon ; however inherited factors always pose levels of concern even if less prevalent than outward-facing environmental reasons such as eating Shake Shack bi-monthly. Stick this on your refrigerator: genetics may predispose an individual in red hot lights; however those genes may only turn ‘ON’ when certain conditions exist particularly dietary calamities.Picture these connections akin to bicycle gears that churn when someone pedals it . Seems out of control? A perfect example how jokes about my diet can/must end hastily !

How Can One Reduce Cholesterol Levels?

So what can you do now that I’ve thoroughly scared you with terms unique enough to make your immunology professor proud , but also explained pretty clearly most often people aren’t destined to drown in gallons of triple cream brie ?

Meditation & Yoga

Relaxation methods could help reduce anxiety and sedentary attitude which will stop progression toward higher numbers

Eating Fatty Fish Sometimes

Not all fats are villains- omega 3 fatty acids found mostly in cold-water fish (such as salmon and trout) become a helper not hinderer !

Fiber Bean Countdown

Eating adequate fiber-rich meals helps block away cholesterol fixation more successful being like Dwight Schrute by acting proactive rather than reactive.

Hypercholestrolemia is serious business. With too much at stake, there’s no shame in speaking with a doctor or dietician who sweats free workout challenges unlike me scrutinizing delivery menus left under my door. Undergoing genetic tests could show possibilities earlier interventions maybe lead better prognosis overall (or just one reason for existential crisis-yet another joke about unhealthy food choices).

Incredible options exist to make small changes yielding tremendous results on health while still enjoying great things in life like cheesecake and horror movies featuring clowns. Get your blood tested often, hoping the results tend toward Liberace (fingers crossed), but don’t hesitate admittance due to painful awareness- our futures can flourish whatever underlying predisposition we may portend..

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