Is hemp related to pot?

When it comes to the topic of hemp and pot, or cannabis as some may call it, there seems to be a lot of confusion. Are they both the same thing? Can you smoke hemp like you do with pot? Will smoking one affect your drug test for using the other?

Well, fear not dear reader, we’re here to clear up all your doubts about these two infamous plants.

A Brief Overview of Hemp and Pot

Let’s start by defining what exactly is hemp and what’s pot (for those who are living under a rock). Both hemp and pot come from the Cannabis sativa plant. However, they differ in their chemical composition.

Hemp is non-psychoactive because it has low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which causes that feeling of being “high”. It’s commonly used for industrial purposes such as making paper, textiles, rope among others due its strong fibers while also having health benefits such as aiding in reducing anxiety among others through CBD(Cannabidiol) treatments.

On the other hand,pot, also known as marijuana or weed amongst other names tamer than those known only at shady street corners during college parties(wink-wink) , contains high amounts of THC which can give users feelings ranging from relaxation – when smoked(AKA Weed) -to mind-altering hallucinations depending on strength(Hey Hunter S.Thompson).

So…Are They Different?

Now comes the question everyone wants an answer to: are these two plants related?

The short answer lies somewhere between yes and no(despite sounding vague). While both come from the Cannabis sativa plant family,hemp has been bred over time solely for its industrial use so its THC component(specifically below .3%) ends up too minimal(legal minimum,maximum flavor perhaps?) resulting in the plant being referred to as hemp while marijuana has been selectively bred for decades specifically for its THC levels(higher than .3%) which creates that pleasing effect(AKA getting high).

Can You Smoke Hemp Like Pot?

Another common query thrown around is whether or not smoking hemp gets you “high”. While it’s true that hemp does contain trace amounts of THC(or delta-8…) in comparison to pot, the percentage is so low(again below .3%), that smoking hemp won’t give you those effects.

Although why on Earth would someone WANT TO smoke a strain of cannabis derived with such minuscule hints of buzz is yet another question.

That being said, you definitely can roll up some CBD-rich strains of hemp Joints yourself and light them up if you’re looking to let go and relax without worrying about falling asleep mid-conversation with friends(a real party killer indeed).

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Interestingly enough,yes!

While pot’s case may be pretty obvious given all health research put into it already,hemp’s usage possesses benefits ranging from reducing anxiety(remember what we mentioned earlier) , helping manage chronic pain amongst others.

“ With a variety of uses including beauty products(making one look like blue-man-group using Blue Hemp cream), supplements(finally something more exciting than green tea) and medicines coughCOliVeOilcough (symbolizes COVID vaccine discussions)HEMPS GOT GAME YO!!

So when experimenting with different brands / types always check their quality/source since they cannot legally stray past legal thresholds explained before .

Does Smoking One Affect Your Drug Test For The Other?

This might come off as bad news but yes…if smoked frequently (daily,daily!!!,we feel your pain dear smoker brethren). In fact, drug tests are designed to detect THC content in your blood rather than marijuana itself(High Nurses, you know better).

That means if you’ve been smoking pot and then switch to hemp, there’s a high chance that it could show up in your drug test as THC. So unless its quality stems from sources with low levels of THC.It is already hard enough passing one(we all remember telling grandma why we felt exhausted/lazy after finals week). but waiting 30 days for another just might not be worth it.

Final Verdict

In the end, whether or not you consider these two plants related depends on how technical or nit-picky u want to be. But what definitely can be said is that each has its unique features and use-cases; Pot being known more for recreational usage while Hemp’s history lies with textiles / industrial commodities though possessing health benefits such as reduced anxiety, chronic pain management among others.Based on this result,” ‘Show Me The Hemp Smoker’ “- I’m afraid Tom Cruise never did say :/

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