Is heineken 0.0 good?

As more and more people turn to healthier lifestyles, the demand for non-alcoholic beer is skyrocketing. One of the most popular brands on the market is Heineken 0.0, a zero alcohol option from the famous Dutch brewer.

But just because it’s popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good! In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at whether or not Heineken 0.0 lives up to its hype.

What is Heineken 0.0?

Before we begin our review, let’s start with some basic information about what makes Heineken any different than other beers out there. Made with malted barley and hops, traditional beer contains alcohol due to fermentation during brewing process – which can be generally anywhere between 4-10% depending on the brand/designation (or if you go heavy on microbrews like I do).

Heineken has created a way to remove alcohol content completely without compromising taste through their innovative low-temperature vacuum distillation methods also known as “de-alcoholisation”. At least that’s what they claim.

The end result yields a fizzy bevvy similar to other light lagers out there but without any damage once consumed–yeah baby!

So now we know how they make it but does all this technical wizardry actually result in something worth drinking?


First things first: how does Heineken 0.o taste?

The moment you pop open one of these slick green bottles and pour yourself a glass of frothy goodness (well…no-froth really), right off bat will remind you much about standard light beers in general…you’re greeted by subtle maltiness mingling amongst smoother floral notes originating directly from hallertau hops used within recipe which incidentally also gives aroma hint towards fruits & flowers alike albeit faintly.

It cuts the thirst alright, but not enough to sacrifice on flavor.


Texture is another important factor in a beer’s enjoyment – and thankfully Heineken 0.0 doesn’t disappoint here either. With it’s light body yet crisp finish, sipping some of that de-alcoholised glory actually feels like the real deal making this nifty little thing just perfect especially for hot summer days where you just want to hydrate yourself without tipping over your daily calorie cap..

Oh did I mention? The good news there usually lies under 69 calories per bottle (only if you care about those kinds of things of course).


Heineken Zero can be found virtually anywhere these days as its wide distributes all across Europe and exported worldwide. Simply check out any grocery store or supermarket when sneaking around aisle searching a healthier alternative before cracking open bar hop–this will give you an idea on how far they’ve come churning up sales from almost everyone who wants less alcohol content in their lives!

And don’t worry guys, since the Prohibition times are long gone by now – so gone are social stigmas that used to come with non-alcoholic variety!😉

Price Point

Having price concerns? Well we’re pleased to report that Heineken’s relative affordability ensures that it won’t take too much coin from one’s bank account trying it out atleast once which again makes him even more easily accessible compared other brands also producing zero-alcohol beers…think crafts!!

At around $8/6 pack @ approximatley £3-4 quid, shopping for low-calorie options at least no longer seems financially terrorizing 😎

Pairing Potential

Albeit pretty subtle as anything else within its category, regular brewed snacks go fairly decently with these golden-yellow lagers sporting satisfying Hops-Aroma: salty peanuts & crisps would match fine; likewise panzerottos 🍕 or khachapuri, equally pair well.

Anyway, let’s be honest here: alcohol-free beer is never going to top the list of gourmet food pairing options. But in a pinch or crunchy thirst evasion scenario – wouldn’t you rather reach for this instead of a regular soda?

Pros and Cons

Overall, Heineken 0.0 has both positives and negatives that should be considered before deciding whether or not it’s worth trying:

– Great taste – akin to typical Lager flavors.
– Low calorie count keeps beach bods on point!

– Not as flavorful as traditional beer but still packs a punch nonetheless
– Can sometimes taste more like dip water filtered through hops (only kidding–but we definitely recommend chilling each bottle few hours beforehand)

So there you have it folks—a complete rundown on whether or not Heineken 0.0 is truly good–and honestly how bad can it really get? It won’t hurt at all if once just tryin’ out something new with your next summertime grill session🌭!

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