Is he abusive or just angry?

When you’re in a relationship with someone who has an explosive temper, it can be hard to determine whether their behavior is simply angry and anxious or crosses into the realm of abuse. If your partner’s anger makes you feel like you are always walking on eggshells around them, then it may be time to take a closer look at the situation. Here’s how to know if your significant other is just upset or full-on abusive.

The Fine Line Between Anger and Abuse

It’s natural for people to get upset sometimes. In fact, some studies suggest that anger can actually be healthy for us because it allows us to communicate our feelings more effectively.

However, when anger becomes abusive – causing emotional, physical, and psychological harm – there is a problem that needs addressing.

Here are areas where we need to pay attention:

Emotional Experience

Anger should not leave someone feeling devalued or victimised emotionally. There should be no shame for anything! If he uses derogatory terms and shames you publicly (in front of your friends/ colleagues) he definitely crossed over!

Impact on the Victim

Angry situations resolved share all parties’ satisfaction in resolution; otherwise one person retains total control crafting compliance through tension-in-the-air techniques such as ultimatums etc..

So what do we look out for?

Demeanor Shift

Faster-blinking eyes? Sudden changes from calm-to-angry postures with disproportionate displays of emotionality when compared with most events corresponding emotionsality levels etc…

In any event watch out closely whenever anyone implements rapid mood alterations throughout discussions relative speeds versus expected context normatives without plausible explanation(s).

One might interpret this demeanor shift as potential gaslighting confirmation about motives intentions power dynamic manipulation tactic…

You must never let anybody downplay feelings legitimizing any formative personal reality behind words hearsay & action or inaction because that would absolutely contribute to the worse situations with control freaks.

Insulting Behavior

Is he calling you names? diminishing your character and/or intellect at every turn even where there’s no cogent reason for him dissing yours!? RUN, THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!

Signs Your Partner is Abusive

Your mate may show abusive behaviors by exhibiting any of these negative actions regularly:

Physical Violence

Physical violence exists when a person intentionally causes injury using physical force or threats. This indicates an unhealthy relationship.

Sexual Abuse

Coercive relations lack absolute consent whereby partners use targeted non-consensual acts often themselves against interpersonal boundaries , socially conditioned ethics/security etc…

Perpetrators exert varying though insidiously deviant forms of power over victims coarsing them into collaborating with perpetually predatory like desires which makes it seem like they might also intend other forms of abuse (which could be) happening concurrently- fear cannot subside as long as its root sources exist unrecognized / unprocessed either!

Behavioral Changes

Controlling behavior consist most frequently deploying monitoring tactics such as asking detailed whereabouts at all times interrogations implying distrust, implied threats setting ultimatums destructions/throw outs from private access spaces…etcetera through radicalized nuclear option type reactions if anything goes wrong per perpetrator’s criteria thresholds measured against target-victim responses received; usually leading up to escalation episodes afterwards perpetrated ‘silencing’ regimen starts taking place: e.g., silent treatment mixed signals emotional blackmail triangulation ad hoc compliance requests slowly establishing destructive partner dependency cycles usually isolating people from their foundations building strengthening interdependence powers being wielded therein.

So what kind of changes have you been experiencing in the relationship?

Controlling Behavioural Patterns

In this category one finds possessive tendencies alongside jealous competition generating territorial claims pushing personal/existential/normative boundaries far beyond general accepted limits/ expectations can lead one to feel trapped and caged. It can occur from surveillance sometimes carrying out highly manipulative moves in order to exert control over the significant other.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse defined as a diagnosed psychiatric illness that occurs due to chemical imbalance in brain structure expanded through habit forming presence of alcohol nicotine marijuana related stuffs &/or hard drugs .

These addictive elements destroy lives: physical health deteriorated mental health loss breeds psychological hell manifests towards high level strain on interpersonal relationships often resulting into different kinds of forms of mistreatment styles ,immoral demeanor, irrationality self-destructive habits alongside possible depressions hazardous behaviors deviant behaviors with attachment possibilities atop being criminal acts too.

What You Can Do If Your Partner is Abusive

If your partner has displayed any abusive behavior (physical or emotional), then it’s important not to ignore it. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. First, identify what kind(s) of abuse he’s displaying – this helps set up informed options ahead

  2. Talk specifically about how his bad behavior affects you – remember it’s always ‘specifics’ because generalizing stuff usually throws one off guard leaving little-to-no space for good progression have contingencies prepared here so you’re anchored while conversing wielding topic smoothly avoiding curve balls when thrown at your relationship boat…

  3. Consider getting help – no shame whatsoever; private or group therapy could be great place within which damages inflicted suffered by perpetrator would be held accountable & addressed moving forward after everything said shown shared during sessions thus enabling couple learn grow from previous mistakes regardless errors authenticity thereof… Nobody should waste their life trying humor toxic people…

  4. Set boundaries – be explicit and clear about expectations going forth these must align personal values hence abiding ok with him violating them isn’t welcome/hollow memories only…. Henceforth enjoy free movement exploring ways seeing world filled with love happiness positivity whilst paving path serving others benevolently discovering untapped potentials limited non-existent possibilities within themselves alone or accompanied ,embracing true uniqueness respective necessities characteristics each person has experienced in making it thus deserving fulfilling life for lasting memory.


If you’re wondering whether your significant other is abusive, the chances are high that he may be. It’s important to take action early before things get worse.

Remember statistics report abuse topics addressed more frequently today than a decade ago sometimes requiring legislative action implementing programs designed deterring preventing future occurances thereof putting perpetrators behind bars where they belong.

Don’t wait – seek help and make sure you are in a healthy relationship.