Is green alcohol good for swelling?

Have you heard of the rumored power of green alcohol to reduce swelling? Are you wondering whether it’s a myth or a fact? Well, get ready for some good news, bad news, and downright ridiculous news as we explore this topic.

What is Green Alcohol?

Before we delve deep into the effects of green alcohol on swelling, let’s first understand what it is. Green alcohol isn’t your typical mint-flavored liquor or Hulk-inspired cocktail (although that sounds tempting). Instead, it refers to rubbing alcohol with added coloring. Yep, it’s just regular old rubbing alcohol pumped up with hues of color.

The Good News

Now that we know what green alcohol actually means let us tackle the issue why are people talking about its efficacy for reducing swelling? Fortunately/ Unfortunately – depending on how sarcastic you’re feeling today– there may be some good news here.

One reason people turn to using green-colored items (like vegetables) for pain relief is because they usually contain high amounts chlorophyll which has anti-inflammatory properties. In theory then any product containing chlorophyll could theoretically have a beneficial effect in reducing inflammation.

Although chlorophyll can be found in vegetation like spinach or kale however; common household products don’t contend enough Chlorophyll in them include Rubbing Alcoholl which only has around 0.0003% …Oops!

So much for THAT theory…

However before you pull out your arsenal from inside your pantry give yourself one little reminder: This does not simply equate –green equals helpful against inflammation– too simple not so true

The Bad News

The rub(lit.) here being althoughtheoretically Chlorophyll compounds could lessen swelliing…they also need additional research! Apparently while findings sound promising researchers still warn consumers against replacing tested medications/treatments without adequate consultation) But I mean who listens to them anyway right!?

One must consider that rubbing green-colored alcohol could actually do more harm than good. According to poison control centers, colored rubbing alcohol can contain harmful ingredients like camphor and benzalkonium chloride. Applying this on the skin will not only have very little benefit in reducing inflammation but may aslo cause irritation – Brilliant tactic for maintaining fitness from running away!

The Ridiculous News

Are you still here? So it seems just using regular old green alcohol isn’t going to cure your swelling. But don’t lose hope yet, dear reader. We found a few laughable remedies people swear by, although we cannot guarantee their efficacy (winkwink):

  • Duct tape: Yess..your go-to solution for everything now also claims helping with arthritis;
  • Hemorrhoid Cream; Although strange AF its physiological properties entice consumers into trying its pros!
  • Copper jewelry: Gettin’ serious swag with copper bracelets promise respite from symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis …don’t get too crazy though some of these may begin oxidizing.

Ultimately staying hydrated stretching and eating well paired up with real medical advice is always a better bet over “alternative medicine” which hasn’t been fully proven or tested.


Hangover cures come in all colors, shapes , forms (and often dont bear fruit) I mean there is nothing wrong with contemplating potential natural “cure” options—just ensure they are safe before you start applying hemorrhoid cream or any other DIY healing hack!

To put it plainly then — You’re better off sticking / alternative sources of healing after checking through an accredited health practitioner-they have defintely got the final show-stopping number on thsi issue/.