Is glucerna good for cancer patients?

Cancer patients are always searching for ways to manage the symptoms and side effects of their treatments. One of the most common issues that come with different cancer therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are disturbances in nutrition. Proper nutrition helps build a strong immune system, maintains muscle mass & energy levels, and enhances tolerance to treatment. In light of this issue, some healthcare providers recommend glucerna as a way to keep enough nutrients intakes during or after battling cancer.

What is Glucerna?

Before getting into how helpful glucerna can be for cancer patients let’s see what it really is made up of? Apparently, It’s just another meal replacement drink designed by Abbott Nutrition specifically targeting people who have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The formulation contains low-glycemic carbs which help maintain blood sugar levels and reduces insulin spikes compared to other nutritional drinks . Furthermore, they also assert, that their products include more vitamins & minerals along with slow-digesting proteins when compared against an average protein shake.

But wait! Slow down your horses man…why would gluther decide to halt its greedy eyes on diabetic customers only? Just check out at the mirror once and you will find multiple signs confirming that aging naturally inclines towards one less crazy than before! And if unluckily you end up fighting off tumors then congratulations – You’ve been offered yet another consequence labelled “massive changes in nutrient requirements”. To cut it short: anyone suffering from cancer might experience minor or major alteration in hunger patterns (reduced appetite), weight change (either increase/decrease), supplements interactions etc., Thereby making sure our body receives at least minimum amount of essential daily nourishment becomes extremely crucial under tough times & diets like watermelon-junkfood diet simply won’t suffice. So who said we can’t drink those chocolate-y milkshakes without worrying about added sugars anyway?

Is Glucerna A Nutritious Drink?

The answer is debatable, but let’s not forget we are talking about people battling cancer here. For one thing it contains vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, potassium, chromium etc. which are important to keep our organs healthy while undergoing chemo or anti-tumor therapies. The irony resides that on the very same time frame these therapies also challenge digestion capacity leaving patients nauseous at most times with reduced appetite. This where glucerna claims its benefits! It may help provide a filling nutrient-packed option for those who can’t consume solid food in the first place.

Now hold your horses again ‘cos scientists taught us Better!: There’s limited evidence available acknowledging benefit of specialized nutritional formulations (like glucerna) in cancer patient’s diet. Furthermore, use of such products should be guided through proper recommendations from an oncologist/nutritionist after taking note of individualistic needs & preferences.

To sum up: If you still have doubts regarding whether to drink or not to drink then listen carefully; As long as no existing medical condition contradicts usage (ex: any other ailment besides tumors by Abbott’s words themselves), then feel free to enjoy this eclectic meal replacement drink if you want!

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Glucerna If You Have Cancer?

As mentioned before already,the purpose behind administering supplemental nutrition via drinks like glucerna originate from common issues faced by people fighting tumor inducers # Stressful bouts lowering everyday appetite#, Severe weight fluctuation over short interval#; medicine interactions making absorption difficult & scheduled diets unsustainable – increasing potential malnutrition#. However realistically speaking ,overtly depending entirely on supplemental nutrition without adopting solid meals/drinks options could ultimately result in compromise towards best possible treatment outcomes granted few exceptions arising out during consuming period (Sickle cell anemia, AIDS).

A 2017 study published conducted on critaycally ill ICU patients showed inadequate nutrition may further prolong the stay of patients in hospital, increase mortality rates and worsen existing health conditions#. Therefore it is recommended by many healthcare providers to achieve good dietary practices under the guidance & consultation with professionals only.

Are There Any Risks?

Again, we assure you that the utilization of this drink carries no major significant risk factors . However consider following tips below for better benefits=

  • Avoid drinking glutherna instead of prescribed medications
  • Consult a professional “oncologist” to see if there are any specific instructions regarding usage according to current cancer treatment plan etc.
  • Be mindful regarding allergies towards constituents #ingredients listed might contain lactose#, check ingredient list before purchasing

Overall enjoy your moments! If tasting good food helps overcome anxiety at tough times then there’s no harm associated.#

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