Is frozen chicken good?

Ah, the age-old question that never fails to pop up during grocery shopping: is frozen chicken good? Some of us have been raised on the belief that if it’s not freshly slaughtered and cooked right away, it’s just not worth putting in our bodies. But let’s face it; most of us don’t live on a farm or have access to poultry that hasn’t been refrigerated.

So what does science have to say about this cold-blooded topic? Let’s explore.

Freezing Basics

Before we dive into whether or not frozen chicken is good per se, let’s examine what freezing entails.

  1. To freeze food (including chicken), you need temperatures below 0°F (-17°C).
  2. Certain bacteria can still survive at low temperatures (but they become practically dormant).
  3. Ice crystals form around and inside the cells of your poor bird when exposed to such extreme coldness which break down muscle fibers.
  4. The longer you keep your chook in there, the more freezer burn will occur!

But hold up; If you’re pressing pause and wondering why do people even bother with frozen meat– congratulations! You’re already one step ahead !

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Why Freeze Chicken Anyway?

You may wonder why anyone would want to resort (Here comes a tricky part)to usingfrozen food– especially since health enthusiasts preach fresh is best while implying that “all fun ends where your blood pressure begins” .

The reasons range include:

  1. Convenience
    • Buying in bulk saves trips out
    • Leftovers can be stored for future use etc.

Groundbreaking newsflash: frozen chicken will stay fresh so long as it remains at the right temperature.
3.Slower Rotting Process
Chicken– like any food–experiences a slowdown in decomposition at lower temperatures

The Good and Bad News

Here comes what you’ve been tick-tocking about:


1. Texture Issues

Frozen chicken tends to dry out when compared to its non-frozen counterparts. Defrosting accelerates this process, which results in a less tender and juicy bird.

2. Freezer Burn

You know when your mom would tell you not to open the door too many times or “you’re letting all of the cold air escape” while giving her signature icy stare? That’s literally where freezer burn comes from! When ice evaporates causing depletion in moisture loss, exposing vulnerable surfaces until they get dried up which leads to icky looking uneven coloration.

3. off-flavors

Sometimes, freezing can impact the purity of certain ingredients resulting in an overall peculiar taste. Fried Chicken fans are often concerned with whether their deliciously crispy favorite earlier actually depends upon freezing—as discussed by way more serious sources than us- ultimately some say it doesn’t matter whilst others do see noticeable changes !!


  1. Healthy Choice
    Nowadays, most supermarkets provide ready-to-cook single portions that make tracking quantities easier for scientists (ahem) dieters.

  2. A Lifesaver

Whether there’s an impending apocalypse or just bad weather has led to you being locked inside – Looking over your meal inventory won’t freak you out as much.

So Is Frozen Chicken Good?

Like most things worth discussing on Reddit (“Is pineapple really supposed to go on pizza?”), opinions differ depending primarily on preparation.

If cooked & consumed soon after being opened&defrosted properly (in other words –don’t forget to season well and cook the meat through), it can still be relatively satisfying in taste.

However, if you are already weirded out by your frozen chicken- It will almost definitely pale in comparison to fresh alternatives but as younger generations revel in sustainability there’s no shame!

Dare we put a label on whether or not freezing chook is ‘good’? Maybe an experienced chef should comment, but for our money: it depends! If treated well prior to freezing with proper consideration during defrost — it’s something that most of us can live with since convenience is king.Reddit user Tellez10K345 summed up their thoughts about this debate philosophically.

“Frozen chicken may not be as good as a piece of fresh-crunchy-piping-hot-chicken straight from the roasting pan-it does come very close– whenever I’ve been strapped over recent years -thawed has saved me big time!”

There you go folks;our judgement— if confronted with having to choose between ‘freeze-and-save” vs “fresh & moody”, it seems we really have nothing much else left except weighing benefits based on how much freezer space left.

After all, isn’t anything worth doing done without some trial and error involved?

So tidy up your fridge& KEEP ROCKING that slow cooker without any guilt associated with using re-hydrated poultry (or mental health advice provided)

Have at…your next shopping list 🛒☺️

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