Is flonase ok for high blood pressure?

If you’re one of those people who suffers from high blood pressure, then you know how tricky it can be to find appropriate medication without unintentionally compromising your health. And with the advent of nasal sprays like Flonase, an all-too-common question is whether or not Flonase’s use poses any risks as far as hypertension is concerned.

But the answer isn’t a simple yes or no – more consideration and information are required to make a definitive conclusion on this issue.

So What Exactly is Flonase?

Before we dive into whether using fluticasone propionate (or more commonly known as Flonase) affects anyone with high blood pressure, let’s start by understanding the product itself.

Flonase belongs to a group of drugs referred to as corticosteroids. These work by regulating inflammation levels in our body while suppressing the immune system response that would cause the swelling seen when allergies set in. The reason why people use it, therefore, is simple: it’s effective against allergies such seasonal rhinitis (hay fever), perennial allergic rhinitis (an allergy-like reaction due to pollutants like dust mites) and non-allergic forms of rhinitis which usually involve sneezing, congestion and runny noses. In short: It makes breathing easier for those who experience blockages caused by inflammation.

Does Using Flonase Raise Blood Pressure Levels?

Now onto frequently asked question: Can someone continue battling respiratory infections smoothly even with their case of HBP after inhaling some spritzes from Fluticasone Propionate? Well…there still hasn’t been categorical evidence gotten yet.

Firstly[,] reports show that there has b[een] only moderate increases concerning systolic blood pressures found among patients taking intranasal steroids; however[,] these statistics do not necessarily mean that Flonase is a threat to HBP alone. Though no official cause and effect have been established[,] lingering questions remain around whether it’s the medication itself or perhaps other factors at play that lead to such observations.

What Experts Have Said

It remains an open topic despite most experts still saying nasal sprays like Flonase are generally safe for individuals who happen to be living with hypertension. Speaking in defense of use, Dr. Rachna Shah, Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist at BHMG states: “In general, nasal corticosteroids appear safe for patients with high blood pressure.”

However, another physician contradicted this with a different view: “Using intranasal steroids might increase your heart rate; although there isn’t enough evidence conclusively linking them to hypertension rise,” says Dr. Paco Cino from Baptist Health Medical Group Family Medicine in Coral Springs.

The differences in opinions aren’t very jarring though since the effects usually vary based on patient factors like current medications being taken while using nasally administered steroidal drugs.

Other Ways To Manage Allergies If You Suffer From High Blood Pressure

To help stay clear of any danger zone, these options could come in handy;

  • Practicing avoidance techniques as far as allergens go.
  • rugging up even especially during hayfever season
  • Using over-the-counter antihistamine medication could also prove useful grants night time relief when indoors but only after consulting with your Healthcare provider(s)

But all things considered my dear friends – [drumroll] does anybody else here feel like sometimes dealing with certain health issues becomes some sorta chess game where one must sacrifice certain medical benefits so others aren’t jeopardized? The truth is[,] doctors believe correlation between asthma/COPD/Allergic Rhinitis triggers (all conditions steroid treatments are used for) and high blood pressure are interwoven. Using Flonase while having HBP may mean someone is fighting two different issues that could be handled by the same medication.

Is there any consolation prize for my readers here? Yes, where possible, there’s no need to go feeling miserable if struggling with allergies after all; as both problems can co-exist without you necessarily needing to cancel out the other in terms of remedy options available.

The Verdict

The main point of debate although still deemed “unresolved” [is] whether or not steroids heighten HBP levels; A dichotomy has been established among medical practitioners about its contributions thereof but[,] Flonase remains a gray area only waiting to blow up into a full-blown question storm from time-to-time!

In conclusion[,]{}] please don’t shoot us (Dr Paco and Dr Rachna want me to emphatically say this)[!]. Instead keep yourself informed on your wellness journey at all times especially before self-medicating – everyone’s body is unique in how/when it reacts even when exposed to similar types of medications according to doctors.